Finding Your BIGGEST Why

YOUR BIGGEST WHY: What’s BIGGER than your Big Why? Hmmmmm? Transcript Here FIND YOUR BIGGEST WHY AND FIX YOUR OWN FOOD PROBLEM: Includes direct one-on-one coaching. Click here! HELP OTHERS TO FIND THEIR BIGGEST WHY AND STOP OVEREATING FOR GOOD!: Earn a little extra income as a certified professional never binge again coach! Click here! […]

How to Get Your First Two Dozen Clients

HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST TWO DOZEN CLIENTS: I challenge anyone who thinks they might be a great coach but just can’t figure out how they’d ever get clients to listen to this call and maintain that insecurity! (Transcript coming soon) WANT TO EARN A LITTLE EXTRA INCOME ON THE SIDE HELPING OTHERS NEVER BINGE […]