Even More on the Sugar Demon…

Still struggling with the Sugar Demon? You CAN beat it!  Listen and learn 🙂 (Or download the transcript here) Need help? Want to help others? Get help to Cage Your Own Pig with the Unlimited Coaching and Online Intensive Program Learn how to help other people Cage THEIR Pigs by Becoming a Certified, Professional, Independent […]

The Persimmon Paradox

Persimmons are far and away my favorite food. They outrank everything including chocolate, pasta, pizza, bread and butter, bagels, black and white cookies, onion soup, salmon,  fried clams, applesauce… even my mother’s tuna casserole (sorry Mom!).  In fact, as they’re only available for about 6 weeks in the fall each year, if you happen across a […]

Beating Sugar Addiction (Again!)

What? You need to beat sugar addiction… AGAIN? You’re not alone! Listen, read the transcript, and enjoy 🙂 PS – Need coaching? PPS – Want to become a Certified, Professional, Independent Never Binge Again Coach?

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Your life purpose can pull you forward in a way which makes Pig Slop seem utterly pathetic and permanently uninteresting.  Listen to this interview to understand this phenomenon, and how my business partner and I found ours!  (You can also download the transcript here) Last thing – I am now offering a unique opportunity to […]

Intuitive Eating vs Never Binge Again

Are you among the hundreds of Never Binge Again’rs who are trying to integrate Intuitive Eating with my process? There are some ways they are compatible, but more ways that they aren’t. Listen carefully to this intriguing discussion with Dr. Howie Jacobson from PlantYourself.com! (Or download the transcript here) Register for the Next Unlimited Coaching […]

The Life-Giving Feeling of Helping Others Defeat Binge Eating

In anticipation of our January Never Binge Again Coach Training (where YOU can become trained, certified, and licensed to use Never Binge Again with others) I asked my internal Never Binge Again Master Coaches to share from an emotional place what it was like for them to help other people stop binging and overeating.  Their […]

Couples Issues and What’s For Dinner

About 20 years ago my Dad and I were both doing a LOT of couples therapy.  No, I’m wasn’t married to my dad and seeing a therapist with him, we were both couples therapists, silly!  Anyway – we decided to make a tape all about couples issues.  The conversation was a lot more structured than […]

There’s a Fine Line Between Persistence and Stupidity

Now, I’m all for Conditional rules and maximizing food freedom.  Everyone gets to choose exactly how much sugar, flour, and alcohol to include in their personal Food Plans, for example.  But if you’ve been repeatedly trying to control them conditionally for a long time and meeting with nothing but suffering… well… then you should know […]

FREE BOOK: How to Use Dreams to Help You Stop Overeating

I wrote my dissertation about the relationship between creativity and dreams.  My idea was that we shouldn’t so much always be asking “what does my dream mean?” as “what can it help me solve?”   It turns out dreams CAN help you solve important problems in your life.  They can be a rich source of motivation […]

I used to be (literally) suicidal over my eating…

Here’s something most people don’t know about my story… I thought long and hard before revealing this because I know everyone looks up to and depends on me now… And you CAN… because I never would’ve done anything about it given how responsible a person I am… But I think it’s important people know because […]