Is It Wrong to Say Any Food is Good vs. Bad?

Does restriction of any type cause binge eating and/or overeating? Is it “bad” to define any food as good vs. bad? Dr. Jacobson and I have some uncommon and controversial opinions about this and other things! Scroll down to have a listen, or click here for the transcript. And if you’d like help determining whether […]

Using the Pig’s Energy Against It to Eliminate Overeating Behaviors

What if you could not only ignore the Pig when it Squealed for Slop… but actually use it’s energy and momentum AGAINST it… kind of the way you do in Jujitsu and/or Tai Chi? Scroll down to listen now please. Want help to turn YOUR Pig’s energy and momentum against it so you can eat […]

Say Goodbye to Late Night Food Parties

Struggling to stop overeating at night? Want to END those late night food parties? Scroll down to listen to a quick audio sample from my new book “An End to Nighttime Overeating” and see what you can learn about overeating from Dracula and Dr. Van Helsing. Or click below now to get the whole book […]

How Pigula(tm) Gets You to Overeat at Night

Does Pigula getting you to repeatedly overeat at night? Do you swear off it each morning, only to find yourself in the kitchen (or the drive through) in the evening? Scroll down to listen to a quick audio sample from my new book “An End to Nighttime Overeating” and see what you can learn about […]

What Mountain Sickness Can Teach You About Losing 50, 100, or Even 200+ Pounds

Losing a large amount of weight is usually extremely daunting if you don’t have the right mindset. Listen to this intriguing, full-length interview with John Chancellor about how we can apply what doctors know about Mountain Sickness to adopt the right mindset and get ourselves moving. Scroll down to listen now, or grab the transcript […]

Using Simplicity to Crush Overeating

When people start trying to make a significant change in their diet or their lives, they often begin with an attempt to micromanage lots of details. This makes it far more complicated than it needs to be, but an artifact of evolution seems to make us distrustful of simplicity in complex environments. Today Dr. Jacobson […]

More Never Binge Again Success Stories

Thought you might like to hear from 10 or 15 people about their successful experience with Never Binge Again! Become a Success Story Yourself!

Some New Discoveries Here at Never Ever Again, Inc.

Yoav Ezer and I have been busy. VERY busy. Testing new ideas, making new discoveries in the war against overeating. Recently we’ve had a little breakthrough and revamped some things in our coaching and support systems. Worth a listen. (Transcript here)

Overeating and Accountability – An Unusual Perspective

Most binge eaters, I find, believe that long term accountability is required in order to truly stop overeating. But is it? Listen to Yoav and I talk about it here, and discover how we’re integrating it into our work and programs! (To learn more about the NEW coaching program format which integrates accountability and more […]

Dr Barter on Dopamine and Serotonin Fueled Binges

Dr. Ann Barter is a chiropractor who serves Niwot, Longmont, Boulder, Lyons, Louisville, Lafayette and the surrounding communities in the Denver Metro Area. Scroll down to listen to this extremely intriguing, full length interview on Serotonin and Dopamine fueled binges. (Transcript here) You can reach Dr. Barter at