How to Stop Overeating – What if you don’t want to commit 100%?

WHAT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO COMMIT 100%?: Trixie was one of my original reviewers for Never Binge Again in 2015. She more or less HATED the idea as she saw the Pig concept as a type of self-shaming. Yet, at the same time, she still followed along and, because she was struggling, asked if […]

Can You Reverse Diabetes with Never Binge Again?

IS NEVER BINGE AGAIN STRONG ENOUGH TO REVERSE DIABETES?: And if it IS, what else can it do for YOU even if you don’t have diabetes? Worth thinking about! (Transcript) LEGAL: We cannot legally claim to diagnose, treat, and/or cure any disease, disorder, and/or condition with our current state of evidence and administration of this […]

Stop Binge Eating – Taking the Never Leap

TAKING THE NEVER LEAP: Ashley’s been wanting to stop eating chicken for the longest time, but couldn’t overcome her Pig’s seemingly rational Squeals. Listen to see how it’s done!(Transcript) Fix Your Food Problem Fast Become a Weight Loss Coach

How to Stop Overeating – Dealing with Social Factors When You Eat WEIRD

DEALING WITH SOCIAL FACTORS WITHOUT OVEREATING WHEN YOU FOLLOW A WEIRD DIET: Amanda eats weird, by most social conventions. So do I! Listen to me help her deal with it without having to become a recluse. (Transcript) Fix Your Food Problem Fast Become a Weight Loss Coach

Stop Overeating by Writing a Letter to Your Future Self

A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW: John Chancellor is one of my long term business mentors and friends. He loves to teach via stories and exercises… in this intriguing interview I help him discuss two powerful stories with direct relevance for binge eaters. Then we end with a technique for writing a letter to your future […]

How to Stop Binge Eating – Never Eat Your Kids Food?

DOES YOUR PIG LOVE YOU CHILDREN’S FOOD? Megan’s Pig did. Listen! (Transcript) Fix Your Food Problem Fast Become a Weight Loss Coach

Stop Overeating by Feeding Your Body, Mind, and Soul What It Genuinely Deserves

FEED YOUR BODY WHAT IT GENUINELY DESERVES! Often our Food Demon will tell us we don’t deserve to eat well. Perhaps there’s something we did for which we feel guilty in the past, and the Food Demon seizes on this to create an endless Slop-Eating opportunity saying “you don’t deserve better!” But you know what? […]

How to Stop Overeating – Using Never Binge Again to Become More Consistently and Respectfully Assertive

WHEN YOU STOP OVEREATING YOU MAY BE LEFT WITH DIFFICULT FEELINGS – BEING MORE ASSERTIVE CAN HELP! Although I always emphasize the fact that we don’t only overeat for “comfort” or “escape” from difficult feelings, we eat to GET HIGH WITH FOOD… we do additionally eat for comfort and escape. Towards this end I’d like […]

How to Stop Overeating – Be Your Own Hero (Scroll Down for Interview!)

ARE YOU WAITING FOR A HERO TO STOP YOU FROM OVEREATING? In our culture, we worship heroes. But the truth is, nobody can stop you from overeating… except YOU! So the “W” on my chest in the picture above stands for “WTF are you waiting for?” Listen to this interview with Terry, who had the […]

Does Your Pig Have You Facing Diabetes?

DOES YOUR PIG HAVE YOU FACING DIABETES? Does it say it’s no big deal? Listen!! (Transcript) Fix Your Food Problem Fast Become a Weight Loss Coach