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"Why Continue to Struggle Alone When I Can Help You One-On-One to Defeat Your Worst Cravings, Lose Weight, and Stick to the Food Plan of YOUR Choice?"

Let's make defeating your Inner Pig as easy as breathing via a series of four group coaching sessions online AND a brief set of unlimited 15-minute individual follow up calls!

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Other Books

101 Best Food Rules

Accelerate Your Progress Towards Permanent Weight Loss by Leveraging the Most Effective Rules Created by Hundreds of Successful Never Binge Again Readers (And Clients!)

Does your Inner Food Monster manage to wreak havoc on your diet when it breaks free of its cage? Or does it spend as much time outside its cage as it does inside, only depending on who wins the daily argument?

If you answered yes to either of the above you’re going to LOVE this book, because it pulls back the curtain on what is probably the most powerful, yet most frequently misunderstood feature of my previous book “Never Binge Again” (2,107+ reviews)… Food Rules!

Good Food Rules are easy to remember and follow. They are also fun to use, which means you'll enjoy eating again and won't need to feel deprived. They also almost totally remove the necessity for willpower from the weight loss game, and can lock your Food Monster permanently in its cage regardless of circumstance!

But in this book, we didn’t include good food rules, we only included the BEST ones! Game changers for our most successful customers and readers. Adopting these rules and/or adjusting your own rules according to the principles described in 101 Best Food Rules can be a life changing experience which you’ll enjoy and benefit from immensely!

45 Binge Trigger Busters

Binge eating triggers do NOT cause binges…they cause desires.

Each time you recognize those triggers and avoid rewarding them with food you are effectively breaking down the connection between the trigger and the desire until that same trigger no longer produces a craving at all.

In this book we cover:

  • EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: Low self-esteem, Self-doubt, Boredom, Feeling Deprived, Financial Concerns, Feeling fat, Stress and Overwhelm, Loneliness, Shame, Anxiousness, Apathy, Feeling powerless, etc.
  • PHYSICAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: Hunger, Being too tired, That time of the month, Thirst, etc.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: The smell of food, Passing old haunts – Restaurants – Bakeries- and others, Lack of planning and preparation, Social situations, Nasty comments about your weight, Night time eating, etc.
  • THOUGHT BASED TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: "One little bite won't hurt", "The scale doesn't budge", "Can't decide which diet to follow", "Worried you'll feel deprived forever", "This can't work forever", "Not enough time for self-care", "I can't afford to eat healthy", "My cravings will last forever", etc.

The Food Demon Interviews

Since Never Binge Again came out I've conducted more than 200 interviews and demonstration-coaching sessions. The "Food Demon Interviews" includes 11 of the very best ones...

The most inspiring, the most eye-opening, transformative coaching sessions I held with real clients...

You’ll get to hear their life stories, share their pains and victories and join me as I help them battle and cage their Pig once and for all.

Among other things you’ll learn...

  • How to deal with the “I’ll start tomorrow” squeal (Chapter 1)
  • Overcome the feeling it’s UNFAIR everybody BUT YOU get to enjoy food (Chapter 1)
  • How not to binge on really bad days (Chapter 2)
  • How to deal with the fear of failing (Chapter 3)
  • A simple way to break your mother’s Influence on your eating (Chapter 4)
  • Set up food rules to handle night time eating (Chapter 5)
  • Deal with eating out and the social pressure of eating with friends (Chapter 5)
  • Incorporate drinks into your food plan (Chapter 6)
  • How to reject “free” food (chapter 7)
  • How not to binge when “drowning under pressure” (chapter 7)
  • Deal with the fear you’ll binge in the future (chapter 8)
  • Deal with extremely emotional situations without bingeing (chapter 8)
  • How to handle leftovers from your kids meals (Chapter 11)
  • And much more

"Me, My Pig And I"

My Life Battling My Inner Food Demon

In "Me, My Pig, and I", Dr. Livingston outlines the life which led him to develop the radically effective “Never Binge Again” system to help overcome overeating, in delightful, poignant stories with which the reader will instantly identify.

You'll learn everything from Dr. Livingston's earliest personal history, to his position as CEO of two firms which sold $30,000,000+ of marketing consulting to Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Nabisco, Plantars-Lifesavers, Lipton, Novartis, Bausch & Lomb, American Express, Whirlpool, and dozens more big names you'd recognize in a heartbeat.

This is your chance to read his story in full so you can more effectively leverage his success to stop overeating...and improve your life in ways you never dreamed possible.



Become a Certified Professional Never Binge Again Coach! Turn Your Passion for Never Binge Again into a Lucrative, Rewarding, and Fun Career!

Attract high paying clients by tapping into MY credibility and the Never Binge Again brand...then help them stop overeating and obsessing about food so they can achieve all their health and fitness goals more easily!

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