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The Story of The Master Coaching Team

  • Virtually All Master Coaches Have Used the Never Binge Again Method to Help Them Recover from Their Own Serious Eating Struggles!  I've found the best coaches are those who feel Never Binge Again have saved their own lives.  It's only through having used the method to recover from their own serious eating struggles that people seem to develop the empathy and understanding required to help others implement it successfully.  So I recruit all my Master Coaches from within.

  • We Meet Regularly to Solve Problems and Share Insights: We hold regular meetings to report on what's happening, share insights and observations, and overcome sticking points.  Plus, all Master Coaches are encouraged contact me and/or each other in the event they need help between sessions.  I find these very special people are often teaching ME things I wouldn't have discovered on my own!

  • All Master Coaches on the Team Go Through a Rigorous Training Program:  At this juncture I require all coaches on the team to have trained with me directly before I allow them to work with our clients.

  • We Favor Those with Previous Human Service Experience: Finally, I've found people who've had previous experience in either coaching, teaching, or some type of professional practice are the ones who can create the real magic

Who's Currently on the Master Coaching Team?

(The following list is current as of the date of publication)

(DISCLOSURE: Never Binge Again is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, disorder, or condition.  These statements have not been evaluated  by the FDA or any other regulatory agency.  It would be unreasonable to assume just taking this program will result in any guaranteed level of weight loss, the improvement of any physical condition,  and/or the reduction in any mentally distressing thoughts, feelings, conditions, diseases, and/or disorders.  Many and/or all of the Master Coaches could be considered statistical outliers with unique physiology, emotional makeup, and other resources.  Then again, it can and does happen.  And given the affordable payment plans and money back  guarantee, might you not be risking more by NOT joining us?    Full Disclosure Statement)

  • Fiona Pediani:  A former coach for 7 years with a major weight watching organization, Fiona's personal journey with the NBA philosophy started at the end of 2016 when she Googled 'binge eating' and came across Glenn's free book. She became intrigued with the whole concept of The Inner Pig. At the time Fiona thought that after a lifetime of having problems with food that she was 'sorted' because she was nearly a year into a 14 month sugar free period.  At the end of that period she 'tested' herself with sugar and all of a sudden she was back in full binge mode. She went back to the book, re-read it and it all started to make sense to her.  Fiona started following the plan in the book and joined the NBA Facebook forum.   She is now happily Pig free and loving it! Fiona has a background in both Life Coaching and NLP therapy.  During her 7 years stint as a weight loss coach she'd often come across people who had problems with bingeing. Fiona felt frustrated that she wasn't equipped to help them within her role at that time.  NBA has now given her the tools to be able to help. She loves working for Glenn and now uses her coaching skills and weight loss experience to help clients free themselves from the bingeing cycle that she understands so well.

  • Yoav Ezer:  Yoav Ezer is my equal partner in Never Ever Again, Inc. and the CEO of the entire company.  He's lost almost 100 pounds using Never Binge Again himself!  If it weren't for Yoav the book would never have been public, nor nearly as popular as it has become.  Moreover, Yoav is constantly tweaking the Never Binge Again techniques and recently has made a tremendous breakthrough I'll share with you in the very first Kick Start group!  Yoav's previous background is in the educational department of the Israeli Defense Forces - he was the #2 guy in charge of software education, which makes him the most natural choice to head up the the Never Binge Again smartphone app (already under development).  I've personally trained and supervised Yoav to become a Never Binge Again Master Coach himself... and more importantly, I myself now turn to Yoav if I have any food struggles in my own life.

  • Harry Robinson:  Harry has been a student of spirituality, psychology and human development for more than 30 years, during which time he's studied a wide variety of methodologies for growth, healing and transformation. In 2015, he discovered the power of a whole, natural foods diet to support optimal human health. As an advocate for challenging our current industrial food paradigm, he hopes to help people take back their power with food, and is excited to support people with tools and skills for their empowerment. Harry has applied the NBA method to improving his own diet and dramatically improving other health behaviors that he had struggled with for years, resulting in a loss of inches from his waistline and a blood pressure better than he had in high school. After experiencing the power of NBA firsthand, he became a Never Binge Again Professionally Certified Coach to be able to share the power of slaying the inner Sloth.

  • Yvonne Grossi: As a 6th grade teacher, Yvonne loves showing her students how important self-control is for success in school, family, and life. However, when it came to controlling her own eating, she'd regained weight so many times the numbers became meaningless, and she just didn't understand why.  In fact, she'd been praying her whole life for an answer... and Never Binge Again was finally that answer.  It gave Yvonne a more permanent solution to drop all the extra weight she'd gained during menopause... weight most of her friends thought impossible to lose. (Yvonne also believes her newfound ability to eat healthy is at least somewhat responsible for the serious reduction in night sweats and other classic menopausal symptoms).  Yvonne's greatest passion is sharing the lasting peace she's found with food with others, helping them reclaim their power, and showing them how to deeply enjoy a personal diet they choose themselves.

  • Nicky May: Nicky is a psychiatrist who struggled seriously with her own eating.  In her own words 'I found it difficult to be fully present with my patients because I was obsessing about chocolate and crisps.  My weight gain was accelerating, I was totally burning out, and I felt out of control!'  She'd tried everything from keto to calorie restriction to a slimming clinic to psychotherapy... with no lasting results. 'Eventually my cravings just got too strong and I'd self-sabotage back to square one.  My self-esteem was in my boots, and I felt like a hypocrite.  Worse yet, I knew the dire health consequences of being obese such as Type 2 diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and vastly increased risk of heart disease and strokes... but I still couldn't stop eating.'  Well-meaning people suggested Nicky should 'love herself thin,' but the addicted part of her didn't understand love. 'I was horrified I'd come to this place, but it proved to be my turning point.' It was then that Nicky's neighbor introduced her to Never Binge Again.   'Through NBA I finally got the weapons I needed to win the battle. Knowing I'm fully in control was a revelation!  As a psychiatrist it had felt somewhat frustrating treating eating disorder patients because my remit didn't allow me to inform them THEY were in control.  So I'm really chuffed at the opportunity to work as a Never Binge Again Master Coach!'

  • Johanna Handley: Johanna has had a brilliant business career which has taken her all over the world. But behind her seemingly successful facade, Johanna was suffering from the immense pain and shame of being completely unable to control her eating. She was obsessed with food and weight loss since put on her first diet at eight years old, which set in motion a thirty-year cycle of bingeing and restricting, trying every diet she could.  She'd lose 80lbs...only to gain back 100, time after time.  Johanna finally came across Never Binge Again at one of her lowest points, feeling desperate, alone and helpless after a secret double-pizza binge. Reading the book and completing the subsequent coaching course changed Johanna's life. See, her 'Inner Pig' had her convinced she was powerless against overeating, and there was nothing she could do to stop. But Never Binge Again showed her how to cage her Pig for good. Johanna took control back, lost weight, but more importantly became free from the obsession with food which previously ruled her life. Now, as a Master Coach, she's helping others do the same. "I can't stand the thought of people suffering as much as I did. I've been there, I know first-hand the misery people experience with overeating and it's amazing for me to now help people take back control using the Never Binge Again method."

  • Sue Roeske: Sue Roeske, a health and wellness coach with a degree in Communications and Sociology, avid runner, and fitness fanatic found herself searching for the solution to her own troubles with food after giving up alcohol. It seemed she'd traded one vice in for another. She'd previously struggled with food and disordered eating for most of her life, but these were seriously intensified once alcohol was removed. Sue stumbled onto Glenn's article in Psychology today about Never Binge Again, ordered it, read it, worked through the workbook, eventually joined the coaching program, and went on to finally lose the extra weight (80lbs total), but more importantly to FREE herself from the grips of the Pig and its lies!  Her passion now is helping others overcome binge eating in the same way she was helped herself.

  • Kimberley Reef: Kimberley has a background in teaching with a passion for motivating students of all ages.  She gained a significant amount of weight during her first pregnancy and developed type two diabetes. She then entered a classic restrict and binge cycle as she tried everything to lose weight and control her blood glucose. By her early thirties, she had managed to "diet her way UP to 250 pounds" and felt her weight had become a "personal and professional embarrassment". Kimberley had always been considered a "compassionate motivator" yet could not motivate nor find significant compassion for herself.  She'd been on so many diets and weight loss programs but, prior to Never Binge Again, couldn't get to within fifty pounds of her goal.   Now, two years after finding the book, Kimberley has not only reached goal, but found complete freedom with food.  She's officially off the rollercoaster! Best of all, her blood glucose is normal. Her passion for sharing the Never Binge Again principles and methods is palpable!