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Binge Again

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From Internationally Renowned Psychologist and Author Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


"In Just Two Days You Can Completely Transform Your Relationship with Food, Craft an Air-Tight Plan for YOUR Unique Situation—AND—Walk Away with 100% Confidence in Your Ability to Stick to the Food Plan of YOUR Choice"

"Work with ME Live and In-Person for an Entire Weekend to Help Defeat Your Worst Cravings, Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Keep It Off Without Driving Yourself Crazy. Then, Attend Three Weekly Follow-Up Meetings Online to Help Stamp In Your New Patterns for Good! (Or Listen to the Recordings)"

With the Never Binge Again Live Weekend Intensive You Can Succeed Regardless of How Much Social Pressure and/or Family Conflict You Experience... No Matter How Much You Travel and/or Eat Out... and Despite How Little Free Time You May Have Available to Prepare and/or Plan Your Food!

  • Discover powerful aspects of Never Binge Again which can ONLY be taught in a face to face environment! (For example, see how eye contact and body language correspond to voice tone so you can really integrate how this is all done)...
  • Get real-world, face-to-face help to nail your "Inner Pig's" cage shut!
  • Let me help you discover the Big Why which really hits home for YOU...
  • Free yourself from the constant mental obsession with food...
  • See how to get back on track immediately if you DO Binge (or to get on track for the very first time!)
  • Stop accepting your Pig's pathetic excuses to Binge...
  • Get past your fear of putting things on your "Never Eat Again" and "I Always Do This" lists - guaranteed!
  • See how to get a handle on your Bingeing even when you've been battling it your entire life and nothing else has worked...
  • Form strong bonds (and make lifelong friends) as you immerse yourselves in the full weekend experience. Be surrounded by the energy of people eager to stop overeating...and willing to lend each other their hope and enthusiasm!
  • Find the best balance between control vs. freedom in YOUR Food Plan! Unnecessary restrictions will only sabotage your success...but too much freedom lets the Pig run wild - find YOUR personal trade off...
  • Determine what belongs on your "Never Eat Again" vs. "Only Eat Under Certain Conditions" lists...
  • Fight the Boomerang! 5 powerful strategies to help permanently Cage your Pig when you find the book only works "for a little while" each time you read it...
  • End the vicious cycle and get out of "Food Hell." Get piercing insights into the see-saw, on-again, off-again pattern which characterizes most people's weight loss "journey"...and see how to get on a more permanent track!

My Dear Friend:

If you've read "Never Binge Again" you know I went to great lengths to be sure it had everything you needed to stop bingeing and/or overeating...

But as good as the book is, not everyone stops with the book alone...

Many people want to FEEL my confidence and experience my BELIEF first hand...and be surrounded by others who can lend their hope, enthusiasm, and excitement about their results.

And even those who DO immediately stop overeating right after reading the book often find it difficult to reach 100% confidence in their ability to stick to their plans forever...

Sometimes personal contact is the missing ingredient, and it would be a shame for you to give Never Binge Again "a good try" only to go back to your old ways because your Inner Pig™ has convinced you "it might work for others but it just can't work for us"

This would be a shame indeed because, as I'm sure you know, when you're in the throws of bingeing (or even just overeating beyond your better judgment) the world can seem like a truly overwhelming, awful place...

Worse than anyone besides a fellow binge eater could ever know.

You really CAN be fooled into thinking your Pig™ has all the power...

That it's undefeatable...

And be tricked into giving it control :-(


The Personal Contact and Immersion You'll Get During the Never Binge Again Weekend Intensive Can Literally Change Your Life!

In my experience there's nothing quite like personal contact, connection with others who have similar struggles, and the ability to work face-to-face...to give you 100% confidence you CAN stop bingeing and overeating (and put the Pig in its place.)

Plus, it's a LOT less complicated than most people have been led to believe. And if you'll give me just 48 hours, I very well may give you your life back. I know that's a BIG promise and I don't make it lightly...

"What the Hades is this? It can't be this simple. But I'm closer to my goal weight than I've been in decades!" - Peter Borromeo

"A powerful, thought provoking, and very un-ladylike approach to the problem of bingeing!" - Stephanie King

"A unique and brilliant way to leverage will power; passionate, convincing, defiant and inspiring - all at the same time" - Richard Guy

"Never Binge Again squelched that awful voice in the back of my mind which says 'you'll backslide eventually, no matter what.' Thanks to this book failure is no longer an option!" - Warren Start

"I'm still reeling with the revelation I have the ability to Never Binge Again, just like my ability to never rob a bank, never push and old lady into traffic, or never jump off of a perfectly good cliff! [...] This book is THE TOOL I need to conquer ever attempting to satisfy emotional feelings with carbo-laden calories again!" - Traci Rickards

"If you follow this simple program, you CAN see results without the 'normal' struggle. No eating foods you don't like. No fancy rules, schedules or psychotic workouts. It puts you fully in charge of your eating...and it's sustainable." - Keith Duncan CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

(Please note the agenda is approximate since results come first!
We will therefore vary according to each group's specific needs)

FRIDAY 5:00 to 5:30 PM: Check In

FRIDAY 5:30 to 6:30 PM Introducing Your Pig™

During the orientation, we'll get to know one another by discussing the biggest struggles we each face with our own Inner Pigs AND our greatest hopes for the weekend. (Please Note: Not everyone is comfortable with the term "Pig"... some people use alternate monikers. This is perfectly fine and we will provide you with options.  Also, NO exercise in the entire workshop is required.  You may choose not to participate in anything which makes you uncomfortable.)

6:30 to 6:40 PM: Break Time

FRIDAY 6:40 to 8:00 PM:
Ending Your Fear of "Never and Always."



If you're reading this, you probably already know Never Binge Again is a rules-based program. YOUR rules!  Hearing your Inner Pig Squealing (and then ignoring it) requires crystal clear lines which define what is vs. what is not on our Food Plans. Yet many people are terrified of these rules, particularly when they take the form of Never and/or Always.. 

In this lightning fast section we'll eradicate the fear of Never and Always by reviewing the most common objections and quickly showing them to be nothing but more of the Pig's deceptive Squeals. Even if you're already relatively comfortable with the idea of Never and Always rules, this section will significantly strengthen your foundation and make it possible to more thoroughly nail your Pig's Cage shut.

SATURDAY 9 AM to 10:15 AM
Binge Recovery Tactics

What To Do If The Pig Gets Out!
(The "Stop the Boomerang" Session)

Perhaps the most important distinction between people who succeed on Never Binge Again and those who's Pigs defeat them is the willingness and ability to get back up if you happen to fall.  Plus...winners do all they can to LEARN from the experience so they can "stop the boomerang" and truly Cage their Pigs!

Emphasis during this session will be on (a) stopping the Pig in its tracks the MOMENT you realize what's happening so you can minimize the damage (dealing with the "screw it you already blew it" trap); (b) preventing the Pig from demoralizing and weakening your confidence and resolve after a Binge; (c) specific instruction on how to reverse engineer what happened during the "Pig Attack™" so you learn everything you can from it (and use it to nail the Pig's cage more tightly shut); (d) deciding whether to resume the same Food Plan vs. make modifications; (e) What to do if you've written too many rules and your Pig has you convinced you've utterly failed because you only broken ONE

SATURDAY 10:15 AM to 10:25 AM - Break Time

SATURDAY 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Constructing a Food Plan Which Won't Drive
You Over the Edge Like All Your Previous Diets

A multitude of subtle elements characterize Successful Food Plans vs. those which don't quite work despite people's best intentions.  In this module we'll review critical variables which make for effective vs. ineffective Food Rules... things I've previously only been able to illustrate in the context of one-on-one coaching sessions...which I HAD TO LEAVE OUT OF THE BOOK because the detail required to explain scares people off during their early exposure to Never Binge Again!

For example, you'll discover the important reason why so many people have trouble complying with a well-intentioned "eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full" rule... and I'll show you how to fix the problem with an uncommon-but-very-simple shift of mind!

This is the section where you learn to create a Plan which won't drive you over the edge like all your previous diets.  We'll balance your health goals with personal freedom, avoid boxing you into a "food prison", and show you how to be sure your Food Rules don't cross the line into "Crazyville"

SATURDAY 12:00 to 1:00 PM:
Lunch and/or Free Flowing Q&A

Those who wish to get lunch outside the conference room may do so.
Glenn will remain on hand to take questions, clarify points,
and/or demonstrate the technique with willing participants.

SATURDAY 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM:
Strengthening Your "Big Why"


One of the BEST ways to become sick and tired of your Pig's Squeals and maintain more permanent motivation to ignore them is to write down, amplify, and enhance your "Big Why" statement.   Most people I've worked with can just barely articulate their motivation... even when they've done the full set of exercises in the online training. In this module I'll help each and every one of you thoroughly ground yourself in the REAL reasons you want to stop Bingeing. From then on, everything your Pig says will seem pathetic!



How to Cage Your Pig Regardless of How Much Social
Pressure and/or Family Conflict You Experience...
No Matter How Much You Travel and/or Eat Out...
and Despite How Little Free Time You May
Have Available to Prepare and Plan Your Food!

(See how to stay on track (1) Even if your entirely family has a break down over what you're eating; (2) When you're utterly surrounded by your favorite Holiday treats and everyone else is not only enjoying them but pressuring you to join them and; (3) Even if you're on a 14 hour non-stop flight which gets stuck on the runway for an extra three hours; (4) Even when your children refuse to eat anything but sweetened cardboard.)


SATURDAY 4:15 to 5:00 PM:
Breaking the Emotional Response Cycle
Which Seems to Lead You Into Binge Behavior

"Real hunger vs. emotional hunger" and how the Pig uses them both to undermine your confidence in your ability to stop overeating. Learn to make more mindful food choices within the confines of your Food Plan! (It's like sitting alone in a dark room & having someone walk in & switch on the light)

SUNDAY 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM:
Avoiding Those "Little" Binges
and "Health Food" Binges:

How to stop your Pig from convincing you "just a little" won't harm you... including the sometimes-alluring Squeal that says "You're really good at putting me back in my Cage now, so how much harm could I really do?" And specific strategies to avoid giving into a "health food binge"...even when you're still hungry. (Some people can even binge on water - this is the module where we expose the difficult-to-hear "healthy" Squeals that others in our environment might think were "harmless.")

SUNDAY 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM:
How to Stop Procrastinating About
"The Decision" and Just Slam Your
Pig's Cage Door Shut!


WARNING: "I know the answer...I only need to put it into practice"
is one of the biggest Pig Squeals you'll ever face. (Learn
to overcome the "it's too soon for me" Squeal)

SUNDAY 10:15 AM to 10:25 AM - BREAK TIME

SUNDAY 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM:
How to Add Weight Loss
to Your Food Plan

Here's something which might come as a surprise to many of you - it's entirely possible to Cage Your Pig indefinitely without losing weight. Yes, you'll gain immense benefits - freedom from the obsession, a healthier body, mind, and soul. But when it comes right down to it, many (if not most) of us want to take off somewhere between a mountain and a mole-hill of extra pounds we packed on during our years of overeating!

SUNDAY 12:00 to 1:00 PM:

Those who wish to get lunch outside the conference room may do so.
Glenn will remain on hand to take questions, clarify points,
and/or demonstrate the technique with willing participants.

SUNDAY 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM:
Never Binge Again Applied to Positive Thinking,
Goal Setting, and the Rest of Your Life.

See how successfully applying NBA to your Food Plan can be expanded to include virtually anything else you'd like to improve in your life... and why you won't be able to help yourself from doing so! (How to instantly stop the negative thoughts and thoroughly open your mind to a new way of thinking)

SUNDAY 2:30 PM to 2:40 PM - BREAK TIME

SUNDAY 2:45 PM to 4:00 PM:


Everyone at the workshop will have the opportunity to discuss any remaining objections, concerns, or Pig Squeals they are still having trouble ignoring while Glenn works intensively to help them overcome it. Slam the door shut and keep it that way!


  • Friday November 4th, 2016 at 5 PM thru Sunday November 6th, 2016 at 4 PM

  • Manchester, NH, USA at the Homewood Suites Hotel.  (15 minutes from the Manchester, NH Airport and Approximately One Hour from Logan Airport in Boston, MA)

  • Further Details Available Immediately After Booking


After the NBA Weekend Intensive there will be three weekly online follow
up meetings each Saturday from 1 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time
beginning the first Saturday immediately after the event.
(Meetings are recorded and distributed for those who can't attend)

The purpose of the online follow up meetings is to catch your Inner Pig's attempts to undo any of the work you've done at the workshop, answer your questions, and cement in everything you've learned. Plus, they help you keep in touch with both your peers and myself so the event can become a truly life changing experience!  (Attend the follow up meetings using a computer and a headset--OR--just call in with a simple telephone). 


Spending a full weekend together is one of the best ways I know to help you come to terms with the problem and face it square on...in a safe environment with my help and the comfort of others facing the same issues...so you can deal with outside challenges, get focused, stay focused... and learn to REALLY use that one "weird trick of mind" which has the potential to save your life.

So let me ask you a question...

How Much Would It Be Worth to Know for SURE You Had a Nutritious and
Delicious Food Plan Perfect for Your Personal Needs, Dietary Beliefs, and
Personal Lifestyle...

PLUS a Virtually Fail-Proof System to Help You Overcome
Cravings, Lose All the Weight You Wanted, and Keep
It Off WITHOUT Driving Yourself Crazy?

At this point you must be wondering what you'll need to invest to achieve all this. Well, if you seriously struggle with overeating, the amount you can save on food alone by getting the problem under control for even just a few months should exceed any reasonable price I could possibly charge. When I personally think about how much I've spent over the years on food-orgies I just want to cry!

Then there's...
  • The $25,000+ some people spend on eating disorder treatment programs...
  • Tens of thousands of dollars others spend on long term therapy or counseling...
  • What you can save on medical bills by potentially preventing illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes...

Not to mention the discomfort, fatigue, and lost productivity people go through after each overeating episode...

And the physical pain and personal tragedies you can avoid by eating healthier. Can you even put a price on that?

I could also compare the amount of time you'll be spending with me to what I charge for one on one coaching...I'm kind of expensive at this point in my career.

But because I want to help as many people as possible your investment will be as low as...

Five Easy Monthly Installments of $9995
(Or save 20% by Paying in Full Today)

Special Early Bird Discount - Save Even More!
(Save An Additional Payment by Ordering Before October 21st)

Which Means Your Total
Investment Can Be As Low As


This is an introductory price for this first event. Strictly limited to the first
25 participants in order to maintain the ability to pay quality attention
to everyone throughout the course of the weekend!

From the bottom of my heart to the bottom
of yours... I know you can do this!

Won't you let me help you?


Easy Installments Pay in Full

Through 10/21/16
(This row will disappear on 10/22/16)

4 x $9995 $29995
After 10/21/16 5 x $9995 $39995
I've read and agreed to the laimer.php"> Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Disclosure Statement, and I agree all products and services I may purchase from this website are for education only, and specifically do not constitute psychological, nutritional, medical, and/or counseling services.  I will consult a licensed physician before making any changes to my diet and/or exercise routine, and will consult a licensed psychologist other than Dr. Glenn Livingston should I require psychological services. 


If you are not 100% convinced this weekend workshop will radically transform your relationship with food AND give you the confidence you came for just quietly take me aside before 1 pm on Saturday and let me know it's not for you. I'll promptly and cheerfully refund every penny you paid, no questions asked!

A Few Parting Thoughts

There are a few very important things I'd like you to know about me before we wrap this up...

  • I am NOT one of those never-been-fat counselors who'll just nod at you with cow eyes, pretend to understand, and suggest you just "eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full"...

  • I'm NOT someone who's going to tell you to write down your feelings and stop swallowing your emotions...or go call a friend and paint your nails for distraction when you feel like overeating...

  • And I'm NOT going to suggest you "hug your inner wounded child" while offering no practical wisdom to help you with your Bingeing!

What I AM is a formerly obese psychologist who almost ate himself to death while trying all the psychological self-love approaches you can imagine...who (after suffering for decades) tripped over a not-so- glamorous tool which has NOTHING to do with loving yourself more (although you will naturally love yourself more when you stop harming yourself with food)...

Who eventually refined and developed it into a powerful technique.

Because he HAD TO...

Since food had taken over his life.


My Pig was just as dangerous and destructive as anyone's!

If I can stop Bingeing and Overeating then so can you!...

Which is why I'd like you to come work with me...



So I can drive the Never Binge Again benefits home for YOU...

And help you live the life you know you're capable of inside...

Isn't It Time You Got Control
Over This Eating Thing for Good?

(After all... what if I'm right?)

Warmest Regards,

Glenn ☺

PS - This is the workshop to come to if the book alone hasn't been enough to help you overcome your Binge Eating and/or Overeating--OR--if you're doing rather well with Never Binge Again and want help cementing your progress. You'll get a candid, blunt, and honest approach to losing weight and freeing yourself from the obsession with food for life. It's like flicking a switch in your brain and eliminating all the angst around dieting.

PPS - Stop hating yourself, condemning yourself, and treating yourself with anger and viciousness. We'll show you how to talk to yourself in a gentle, non-judgmental way... and make more mindful choices about food despite what outsiders SAY about my method!

PPPS - You'll also hear example after example of food rules that work. And I'll show you what to do if your Pig keeps "making you forget" your commitment because you're too busy.

PPPPS - Reclaim the self you remember - the one that used to be filled with confidence and strength!  Don't leave yourself at the mercy with food, or let yourself slip farther into addiction hole. Overcome feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness...let's get this food thing fixed!

PPPPPS - It's not at all uncommon for people to say hearing JUST ONE THING from myself and/or a fellow Never Binge Again enthusiast was all it took to nail their Pig's cage shut.  That one thing is different for everyone... and you're much more likely to hear it during a weekend immersion than anywhere else!

PPPPPPS - Even if you've decided NOT to join me for this very special weekend I hope you will do me the honor of giving yourself a peaceful rest of your day with food. It would mean the world to me (really).

"Refreshingly unlike any other nutrition/healthy-eating/wellbeing title I've ever read...and I've read quite a few! The total absence of charts, food diaries, calorie counters and so on is fabulous." - Celia Almeida

"Just because something is simple and profound, does not mean it is obvious or easy. Glenn provides a powerful way to overcome the counter-productive thoughts and feelings associated with bingeing and overeating. He shows why debating the 'food monster' inside you is, at the very least, absurd, foolish, and a waste of valuable time and energy...when you can so easily stop the problem behavior with this simple approach." - Deborah Cunningham

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