When the Scale Won’t Budge Despite Doing Everything Right!

The scale is probably the source of more trouble for overeaters than anything else. But used right, it can also be your best friend. It’s an objective measure. Yes, it’s quite flawed in the short run due to wild fluctuations associated with salt, time of the month, volume of food eaten, exercise, dehydration/hydration, timing of your bowel movements, etc. But over time, with dozens (or ideally hundreds) of weigh-ins the noise falls out and the trend becomes clear.

One of the WORST Squeals about the scale is “You’re doing everything right and you haven’t lost an ounce! It’s not worth it, let’s just binge and be done with trying!”

The Pig insists if the scale does not move quickly downwards your efforts count for nothing and you might as well binge. But it can take some significant time for your body to realize it’s no longer living in a feast and famine environment so it’s safe to start letting go of the weight. Because if you’re like most overeaters, you’re probably not just good at overdoing food, you’re good at underdoing it too!

Regular, reliable nutrition and calories will signal your body it doesn’t need to hold onto extra fat for upcoming times of scarcity. Give it time! The fastest way to lose weight is slowly because if you drop pounds too quickly your body will fight back. It will eventually insist you hoard calories and nutrition the moment it sees they are once again abundantly available, which, in our society, is always just around the corner.

Secondly, not GAINING weight counts for something, doesn’t it!? Most people caught up in binge eating will attest to the fact pounds come on much faster than they’d ever imagined. So just stopping the ship from moving in the wrong direction is a big accomplishment. Celebrate!

Last, recall when, exactly, your last binge was. How much damage did it do? If you had eliminated that binge, where might your weight be now? The Pig wants you to forget the damage done by binging and assign blame for the weight stagnancy to your Food Plan so it can get you to say “screw it – it’s no use, might as well keep binging.” But upon reflection and careful analysis, most often I find it is the binging that’s causing the weight stagnancy, not the Food Plan! (If people would just stay with what they’re doing long enough to give it a chance without a binge they might find nothing needs changing!)

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