WEBINAR REPLAY: How to Obliterate Overeating with a Personalized “Big Why”

Trying to follow Food Rules without a powerful vision of a soulful future to pull you forward when you’re next mental wars with a chocolate bar is like trying to climb a tall mountain without water and you’re carrying a 60 pound pack: You’re almost doomed to fail from the outset, and you’re certainly going to be MUCH more uncomfortable than you need to be! But WITH a “Big Why” that all changes FAST! Listen to how Erika developed her own personally customized Big Why, and more importantly:

  • How Erika’s Big Why has already helped her to make an extra $1,000 in just six weeks (and why she calculates she will save $20,000 in binge food costs over the next five years)
  • The secret, unusual places Erika posted her Big Why around her house to be sure it not only impacted her, but also her entire family!
  • What it was like working with her daily accountability coach on her Big Why
  • Why Erika feels the pandemic is the BEST time to get your eating under control by solidifying your motivation…
  • Discover what was SO much more important to Erika than the weight she lost…
  • What it feels like to REALLY separate from your Inner Pig(tm) (which Erika calls her “BORE”)
  • The important of the “Big Why NOT” in developing your custom motivation…
  • Exactly what to do if your “Hungry and Full Meter” is broken?
  • And much, much more!
Watch the replay above for a detailed discussion now!

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