Stop Overeating by Feeding Your Body, Mind, and Soul What It Genuinely Deserves

FEED YOUR BODY WHAT IT GENUINELY DESERVES! Often our Food Demon will tell us we don’t deserve to eat well. Perhaps there’s something we did for which we feel guilty in the past, and the Food Demon seizes on this to create an endless Slop-Eating opportunity saying “you don’t deserve better!” But you know what? YOU DO! Even if you really did do something horrible, you can’t dedicate yourself to making up for it with a belly full of Slop. And the people who love and care for you need you to take care of yourself too… because they didn’t do anything, right? They deserve to eat well and be taken care of… AND SO DO YOU! Listen to this stellar interview with Ash, who was extremely brave and insightful throughout. (Transcript)

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