How to Stop Overeating – Using Never Binge Again to Become More Consistently and Respectfully Assertive

WHEN YOU STOP OVEREATING YOU MAY BE LEFT WITH DIFFICULT FEELINGS – BEING MORE ASSERTIVE CAN HELP! Although I always emphasize the fact that we don’t only overeat for “comfort” or “escape” from difficult feelings, we eat to GET HIGH WITH FOOD… we do additionally eat for comfort and escape.

Towards this end I’d like to present a stellar interview with Victoria. Victoria had more or less solved her food problem years ago, but in this interview you’ll see she still struggled with the feelings pushed into her by bossy and inappropriate people. Study this please as an example of how you might use Never Binge Again principles to become more assertive in your own life… so you can more easily deal with the feelings your Pig says you can’t when you stop binging! (Transcript)

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