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Using Clothing to Motivate Weight Loss
November 15, 2020
Why Did We Evolve to Demean Ourselves?
November 17, 2020

Refutations Change Lives!


The Pig always wins by disguising a BIG LIE in a HALF TRUTH. Real Time Refutations (RTRs) are the one weapon Pig Squeals can’t withstand. RTRs change lives! HIT PLAY to hear several exquisite examples of exactly how this works! Then click here to join the our live coaching program so we can teach you to do this for yourself! Transcript here.

PERSONAL HELP THAT PAYS!:  Our average reader spends approximately $375 per month ($4,320 per year) on binge food and overeating... and since the typical client who engages with our program reduces their binge frequency by 90% in the very first month  (see site for most up to date results), that means our program is likely to save you $335+ per month ($4,020 per year)... which is MUCH MORE THAN IT COSTS!    And since the average reader is spending at least two days per week recovering from overeating, this is something GIVES you time, not something that takes it from you!   Daily email coaching & accountability, LIVE online support groups 5x/week, a 45-Day, step-by-step mastery challenge, a one-on-one consultation with me personally (and one with my business partner, Yoav), educational presentations, specialty topic trainings (e.g. nighttime eating, binge recovery, etc)... and much, much more, all wrapped up with a  NEW "You Quit Overeating or You Don't Pay" 100% Money Back Guarantee!   See site for details.

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