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Three Ways to Stop Dieting and Lose Weight Forever

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June 23, 2020
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June 26, 2020

Three Ways to Stop Dieting and Lose Weight Forever

Have you lost a bunch of weight, only to gain it all back? Perhaps even several times over? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, MOST overeaters struggle with yo-yo dieting. In this short article I’d like to show you THREE things you can resolve to do TODAY to stop dieting and lose weight forever!

  1. STEP OFF THE FEAST AND FAMINE ROLLER COASTER: From my experience in thousands of coaching sessions I’ve come to believe that, in primitive times, if we encountered periods where food, calories, and nutrition was scarce, as soon as it was available again it behooved us to consume as much as we could. I think it’s an evolutionary mechanism.  Why else would feeling full serve as a trigger to eat more for so many people?  Our brains must be set up to survive in an environment where food is hard to come by.  We can go for long periods without much, but then something inside us pushes us to eat all we can when the restriction is no longer there.  It’s like there’s a “go switch” ready to have us dislodge our jaws and pour as much food as possible into our bodies in a short period!  But you can keep this switch in the OFF position by refusing to walk through scarce food environments in the first place.  Keep a regular, reliable course of nutrition coursing through your body day in and day out.  Don’t try to lose more than a pound or two each week because doing so may require depriving your body of too much nutrition and calories and turn this switch on.   Slow and steady really does win the race!
  2. EASE INTO YOUR GOAL – DON’T CRASH INTO IT!:  Most people think of reaching goal weight as “an event”… a discrete moment in time when your dieting will finally be over and you can get back to normal eating.  But when seen in the context of the very dangerous feast and famine cycle above, suddenly reaching goal weight and radically changing how you eat to switch to maintenance is a dangerous trigger.  Instead, do what NASA does when they want to land a rocket on the moon.  As the Rover approaches the moon NASA fires it’s thrusters in reverse to decelerate it.  And as it gets closer and closer, they fire the thrusters more, so that the Rover doesn’t CRASH into the moon, but gently touches down.  That’s what you want to do with your goal weight – you want to gently touch down there and land unscathed.  How?  Let’s say you’ve been losing two pounds per week on your journey, and you’re getting close to goal.  Well, when you get to about 15 pounds away, adjust your diet so you’re only losing one and a half pounds per week.  Then, when you’re ten pounds away, change it again so you’re only losing one pound each week.  When you get to five pounds away, change it to a half pound per week, and when you’re only two pounds away, change it to a quarter pound per week.  That way when you hit goal and make the final adjustment, your body will barely notice.  It’s not an “event” but rather a smooth transition.  Kind of like gently turning on a rheostat on your new life rather than trying to “flip a switch.”
  3. WORK YOUR OWN FOOD PLAN – NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S DIET:  Many people don’t realize that when you adopt someone else’s diet hook, line, and sinker without carefully evaluating it and taking responsibility for it yourself, there’s a kind of psychological weight on your shoulders the whole time you’re dieting.  See, nobody wants someone else to tell them what to do for too long.  We are freedom seeking creatures.  So following someone else’s rules almost always wears us down over time and eventually we say “F—- It!”  The solution is to create your OWN Food Plan, not a diet, and adjust it carefully over time so you’ll be able to manage it for life.  That way you won’t be carrying the cross of some diet guru’s instructions on your shoulders longer than you can bear.

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(Legal Note: We are not medical doctors and/or licensed dietitians and nothing above is intended to override your licensed professionals advice, which must always come first)

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