Plant Based Nutritionist Interview

PLANT BASED NUTRITIONIST: As you know, Never Binge Again is diet agnostic. We’ll work with you on ANY Food Plan you want to follow as long as it’s nutritionally complete and has sufficient calories to avoid putting you into famine mode. On the other hand, I often get requests from people who pick up on the notion that I myself am plant based… they want to learn more about plant based nutrition. So I spent some time looking around, getting referrals, and I identified Anthony Dissen, who I can now wholeheartedly endorse. We do NOT have a financial relationship – I’m just trying to respond to my client’s needs. Anthony’s contact information is at the end of the interview and in the transcript if you’d like to get in touch with him. He’s very personable and responsive. See for yourself – have a good listen or a good read! (Transcript)

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