The Empirical Research on Binge Eating – A Review

Dr. Ashley Higgins is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology and Counseling of Immaculata University. She contacted me asking to do a survey of my binge eating audience to help understand the degree to which the actual empirical research on what works for eating disorders today is being accurately disseminated. We had an interesting discussion, and I thought it would be really helpful to have her summarize the research in a detailed interview. Hence, this episode! (Dr. Higgins also talks about how the research integrates with and supports what we do with Never Binge Again). Listen and enjoy!

PS – WANT TO TAKE PART IN THE STUDY? Dr. Higgins’ survey is about the treatment of eating disorders and the care that individuals with eating disorders are receiving currently or in the past. To help gain further insights into this area you will be asked to answer several questions. Participation is voluntary and is anonymous. The data you will provide will be recorded anonymously and participation will be held in the strictest confidence. Your participation in this study is on a voluntary basis, and you may refuse to participate at any time without consequence or prejudice. Any questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to Dr. Ashley Higgins, If you wish to participate, please see the following link: