Reducing Time Pressure

Time pressure is reportedly one of the biggest triggers of binge eating and overeating. Well, this engaging interview is NOT your standard “how to manage your time” approach…rather, it recognizes that the biggest source of time pressure in most people’s lives is GETTING OTHER PEOPLE TO RESPECT YOUR TIME. From a relational dynamics perspective there are many, many gems on how to interact with others from the very beginning of a relationship to ensure they’ll treat YOUR time with honor.

I originally recorded this to help train personal and life coaches back in 2004 – but I realized it’s got much broader applications. Binge eaters can use it to find more time and positive feelings in their life so they can take better care of themselves. Business people can use it to review their interactions with clients. Even my grandmother could’ve used it to help ensure we kids didn’t eat up all her time in the kitchen! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

(Transcript here, download and/or play below)

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