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August 27, 2021
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August 28, 2021

Dominate the Overeating Brain with Logic NOT Debate

A lot of people seem to get confused about IGNORING vs. REFUTING their irrational overeating justifications (Pig Squeals.) They believe it might be best to just ignore them. This actually IS the ultimate goal! We want to be able to immediately recognize ALL Squeals as ridiculous and having only one destructive motive in mind, therefore deserving of no attention or debate. The problem is, many, if not most Squeals initially FEEL as if they are part of you. This is because the Pig’s biggest strategy is to present a HALF TRUTH AND A BIGGER LIE. See, it can be incredibly helpful to disempower the false logic (the bigger lie) in the otherwise seemingly true Squeal. This is what makes it POSSIBLE to ignore the Squeals in the future. But we do NOT do this with debate! It’s more like we are surgeons who put thoughts on the operating table and methodically remove the cancerous parts of them with logic. We disempower the pig with OUR logic, which reins supreme. We are NOT giving the Pig an equal voice in a college debate. I hope that makes sense. Listen to this more detailed explanation please – it’s very important. CLICK PLAY TO LISTEN NOW!  (Transcript)

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