My Most Listened To Teleconference (Ever)

Here’s something you might not know about me.  Between 2001 and 2003 my ex-wife and I lost approximately $2,000,000 in a very bad business venture… and we did NOT have two million dollars to start with!  (Funny thing – it’s not like losing your keys – you can absolutely lose millions of dollars even if you don’t have it in the bank at the beginning!)

To make matters worse, we’d BOTH jettisoned our other practices before beginning this business endeavor.  We “burned the ships at the shore” and kind of HAD to make this work.  But it did NOT… and we were spending $150,000 per MONTH on payroll, rent for a 10 year lease, and a variety of other things which were very difficult to extricate ourselves from.

We wound up approximately $700,000 in debt with NO income.  To make things worse, this was a few years before I’d discovered the principles in Never Binge Again which finally saved me from binge eating… so I gained about 60 pounds during the process!  And on top of my weight problem, I began suffering horrifically with migraines and a bad case of Lyme Disease.   And remember, NEITHER of us had an alternative income source.

Basically up sh____t’s creek without a paddle…

Except we WERE both doctors with very marketable skills…

And approximately 6 years later we DID indeed dig ourselves out of debt.

I told one of my business partners (a mentor really) the day we got out of debt and he spontaneously said he’d like to invite both of us onto a teleseminar to tell the story and share our insights in retrospect.  What would we have done differently?

I had NO idea this was going to be the most attended and listened to teleseminar in his system with literally THOUSANDS of people signing up live.  Nor that literally hundreds of people were going to say this interview gave them life-saving, soul-enhancing insights which carried THEM through their own financial nightmares.

So I know it’s a little weird because we’re divorced now, but the call helped SO many people I thought it was worth republishing.  It’s DEFINITELY worth listening to if you struggle with financial anxiety on ANY level