Keeping Secrets from Yourself

The Never Binge Again methodology requires us to “keep a few secrets” from ourselves..

  • We must tell our Inner Pig(tm) our Food Plan is FOREVER, while simultaneously knowing it’s important to learn from our experiments, reading, observations, and consultations with experts.  (This is much like telling a three year old child they can NEVER EVER EVER cross the street by themselves rather than telling them they can do it when they’re older because, for their own safety, you don’t want them constantly tempted to do so.  Our Pigs behave like two year olds around food!)
  • We must understand we CAN Never Binge Again while simultaneously knowing if we do, we have a plan to stop it in its tracks and recover quickly

If you’ve ever struggled with these seemingly contradictory notions, have a listen to this short interview please now!

Why Continue to Struggle Alone When I Can Help You to Defeat Your Worst Cravings, Lose Weight, and Stick to the Food Plan of YOUR Choice? 

Or you can download the transcript here.