Two Other Authors who Write About “The Pig” (The Brat / The Lower Brain)

Guess what?  I’m NOT the only author who believes in The Pig(tm)…

Two other bestsellers on Amazon are written by women who found their way to recovery using a similar concept…

But each has developed a somewhat different method and philosophy.

I thought it would be valuable for you all to hear us compare and contrast our various philosophies, methods, beliefs, and techniques.

I KNOW I learned a lot from this discussion (and am looking forward to the next one)… I hope you will too!

Download the transcript, MP3, or scroll down and press play to listen online.

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PS – Unfortunately we did have a little problem with the audio recording quality.  But you’ll be able to make out everything we’re saying if you listen carefully – and it’s worth it!  (Remember you have the transcript too above)