INTERVIEW: Food Rules vs. Food Guidelines

This is a follow up to my earlier post regarding the CRITICAL difference between food rules and food guidelines.  Essentially, a “guideline” is a very squishy rule your Inner Pig(tm) can break whenever the heck it wants.  Because it’s so squishy, 10 neutral observers would have a hard time agreeing on whether you broke it or not.  For example “I avoid chocolate most of the time.”  A rule, on the other hand, is a clear and concise boundary which everyone (including you and your Pig!) will agree what side you happen to be on at any given time.  For example “I will never eat chocolate on a weekday again.”  Please note there’s nothing inherent in a RULE which says it has to be strict… only 100% clear and unambiguous.  It sounds like a simple concept but because our Pigs hate the specificity of rules so much, they devote a LOT of their energy to confusing rules with guidelines.  Listen to this interview to help clarify your rules and strengthen your food plan.

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