finding meaning, purpose, and significance in never binging again…

The ability to stick to a commitment is the ability to step out of the jungle and recognize what makes us human…

To forgo short term gratification for a longer term goal is the essence of what makes civilization possible.

To master your bodily impulses and place them firmly under the control of your higher brain functions is what drives self actualization.

To say “I Will Never Binge Again” is really to say “I am not merely an animal – I am a human being – capable of contribution beyond measure”

Your Pig hates this. It does not want you to find your true self. It does not want you to feel a sense of mastery and capability in the world.

It prefers that you endlessly obsess about being inadequate and incapable. That your life has no meaning and the only thing of value is Pig Slop.

But the truth is you are valuable beyond measure. In the absence of Slop we are all capable of amazing, soul inspiring things.

It’s a birthright.

To say “I Will Never Eat Pig Slop Again” is an obvious and crude simplification of what is, at its core, a declaration of character, meaning, and purpose.

What “I Will Never Eat Pig Slop Again” really means is “I am a human being and I refuse to be at the mercy of my animalistic impulses. I now recognize I can, must, and will take conscious control of directing them towards constructive human goals. From this day forward I declare myself superior to these impulses and fully capable of channeling them into meaningful and purposeful endeavors rather than wasting them on meaningless short term pleasures and recovery from same.

I am powerful, strong, and capable beyond measure. From this day forward my impulses will serve ME – I refuse to continue as a slave to them.

I Will Never Binge Again!

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