Just a Matter of Time to Get Out of “Fat Prison”…

Warren began his journey at 500+ pounds and by the time I spoke with him, he’d already read Never Binge Again and developed a comprehensive Food Plan.  This is a very good session to listen through, however, because it shows how to eliminate doubt and uncertainty when you’ve got a LONG weight loss journey ahead! (Warren describes himself as a “thin person in a fat person’s body who’s just got to ‘do the time’ to get out”)  

It’s also a great illustration of how our Pigs can fool us into thinking they can “knock us unconscious” while they binge.  Listen carefully for some very subtle elements of the methodology not covered in the book.  Finally, Warren is a great example for anyone who’s afraid  I’m going to make them eat like I do… he and I couldn’t eat more differently, yet the process works beautifully!

I’ve been working with Warren for several months now and he’s down about 50 pounds.  You can download and/or listen online below, or you can grab the transcript here

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