Creating the Motivation to Exercise and Eat Well in 10 Seconds/Day
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March 7, 2016
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March 29, 2016

Finding the Motivation to Exercise and Eat Well

What if I told you there was an exceptionally simple way to stop your Inner Pig(tm) in its tracks when it refused to let you add healthy behaviors to your daily routine?

A stupid-easy way to change your life forever with less than 10 seconds of effort…

Imagine a world where a quick change suddenly provided enough motivation to exercise regularly where it previously seemed impossible…

Or to drink enough water, floss your teeth, get enough fresh air, leave enough time for sleep, or eat enough vegetables…

Each and every day!

Sounds impossible?  It’s not.  In fact, it’s SO easy you won’t believe me until you try it…

Just change the words “I have to” to “I get to”…

I told you it was stupid-simple, didn’t I!?

Stay with me and I’ll explain using exercise as an example…

And I promise, if it’s not worth your while you can smack me in the head with a spatula 🙂

See, I often have clients who want to add exercise to their weekly routine, but can’t seem to get past their Pig’s incessant Squealing which usually goes something like this: “I can’t believe we have to exercise again.  Do we really have to change clothes, drive to the gym (or the beach or the mountains), sweat for 45 minutes, take a shower and change into fresh clothes…then do it again tomorrow or the next day?  C’mon, wouldn’t a good old fashioned Binge do us a lot more good?  You know it would.  Let’s do it.  Let’s do it now!!!!!”

Now, as most of you know, I spent a LOT of years struggling with my own Pig.  But I’ve gotta tell you this particular Squeal was never a problem for me…

Because I always LOVED to exercise.


Because I always focused on how great I felt when it was done.  I LOVE the feeling of being freshly showered after purging my body of toxins with a good healthy sweat.  I LOVE knowing I’m making my heart healthier, my muscles stronger, and energizing myself for a productive day.  And by focusing on these things, I find I’m actually able to ENJOY the exercise itself.  In fact, I find that whomever I talk to during my exercise time (or whatever music I listen to) echoes in my head all day long because it’s associated with all the good feelings.

I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO EXERCISE REGULARLY!  That I live in a world where I can walk into a gym at 5 am, hop on a treadmill, listen to great music, and start my day right.  I can’t believe it’s possible to walk outside and breathe the fresh air, enjoy the use of my arms and legs, feel the sun on my face and move, baby, really move!  See how this reads now:

“I can’t believe I get to exercise again.  I get to change clothes, drive to the gym (or the beach or the mountains), sweat for a full 45 minutes, take a shower and change into fresh clothes…then do it again tomorrow and the next day!  I can’t wait!”

See, the Pig always focuses on the near term pain to distract you from the longer term pleasure.  It wants immediate gratification, and uses it to hide the deeper, longer lasting gratification of accomplishing your goals and taking care of yourself.  Which is why…

The Pig hates to exercise, YOU love it.

The Pig has to exercise, YOU get to.

The Pig has no time to workout, but YOU understand there’s always time…because when you take care of yourself you get more productive time out of the day than if you skipped the routine.  (You also sleep better in the evening, relate better to others at work and at home, etc)

And the truth is, there are a lot of people who don’t get to work out because they’ve been stuck with their Pig’s feelings about it for a lifetime.

But not you.

You  get to know the truth, and your Pig has to suffer!

See what I mean?

Try it with ANYTHING you’d like to motivate yourself to do regularly and you’ll be AMAZED with the results.

Cage the Pig!

Glenn 🙂

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