Couples Issues and What’s For Dinner

About 20 years ago my Dad and I were both doing a LOT of couples therapy.  No, I’m wasn’t married to my dad and seeing a therapist with him, we were both couples therapists, silly!  Anyway – we decided to make a tape all about couples issues.  The conversation was a lot more structured than […]

The Fine Line Between Persistence and Stupidity

If you’ve been repeatedly trying to control a particular type of junk food for a long time and meeting with nothing but suffering… well… then… maybe you’re approaching the fine line between persistence and stupidity. Perhaps it’s time to try something radically different. Like, I dunno, quitting that junk?   Watch this video to help […]

FREE BOOK: How to Use Dreams to Help You Stop Overeating

I wrote my dissertation about the relationship between creativity and dreams.  My idea was that we shouldn’t so much always be asking “what does my dream mean?” as “what can it help me solve?”   It turns out dreams CAN help you solve important problems in your life.  They can be a rich source of motivation […]

I used to be (literally) suicidal over my eating…

Here’s something most people don’t know about my story… I thought long and hard before revealing this because I know everyone looks up to and depends on me now… And you CAN… because I never would’ve done anything about it given how responsible a person I am… But I think it’s important people know because […]

Sometimes It Really IS About Self Care

Sometimes you really DO need to add self-care to help you with your overeating and binge eating! or download the transcript. PS – You can come meet me IN PERSON during the Holidays (2017) – click for details – see bonus #4 at the bottom of the letter I Love My Workbook : 7 Simple […]

The Evidence of Success Paradigm

Using the Evidence of Success Paradigm in life, weight loss, and more! (Note: You can reach Becky Castro at or download the transcript. Why Continue to Struggle Alone When I Can Help You to Defeat Your Worst Cravings, Lose Weight, and Stick to the Food Plan of YOUR Choice? I Love My Workbook : […]