Using Mindfulness Techniques to Solidify and Enhance Never Binge Again

Probably the most frequent question I get about Never Binge Again is “How does this work with mindfulness – doesn’t having all these rules prevent you from being fully present?” Well, the truth is, it’s just the opposite.  Which is why I’ve asked Yoav Ezer on to hash out exactly how Mindfulness techniques can enhance and […]

Conditional Management of Sugar and Flour

As you know, a lot of people do better without ANY sugar and/or flour in their diet. And if you’ve tried seven ways to Sunday to conditionally manage sugar and flour but keep failing repeatedly, you might be one of them. But NOT everyone has this trouble. SOME people actually do better on a controlled […]

Getting Back on Track After a Period of Binging

Denise is a successful client who fell off track for a little while and gained a little weight back. Her Pig(tm) kept telling her she could “start again tomorrow” AND “it’s so unfair you have to be different than the rest of your family” AND “it’s going to take SO long to reach your goal […]

The Benefits of Community

Never Binge Again is a fiercely independent philosophy. I wrote it in large part as a reaction to the dependencies recommended by the addiction treatment industry that’s permeated our culture. That said, there ARE some very strong benefits of connecting with a special community as part of your recovery. Listen to this intriguing interview where […]