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From Internationally Renowned Psychologist and Author Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

"Why Continue to Struggle Alone When I Can Personally Help You to Defeat Your Worst Cravings, Lose Weight, and Stick to the Food Plan of YOUR Choice?"

New Supercharged
Thirty Day Mastery Challenge (with Accountability) Kick-Starts Your Recovery into High Gear Fast...Then an Unprecedented Level of Coaching Support Helps You Maintain it for the Long Run!


  • 30 Day Mastery Challenge: Kick-Start your Never Binge Again recovery into high gear FAST with specific, step-by-step actions to build your skills, confidence, and keep you moving forward.  Every step builds on the previous one so you can have a total eating transformation in just one month!

  • Daily Accountability Coaching: Customized, daily email coaching to solve problems, amp up your motivation, and keep you accountable!

  • Live Online Group Coaching (4x/week): Overcome mistakes, solve problems, and leverage other people's insights and success.  Live sessions held 4x week - twice with Glenn and twice with one of his Master Coaches.

  • Live Online Educational Presentations: Four group presentations with Glenn to review and overcome common sticking points.


  • Unlimited One on One Follow Up Coaching via Phone and/or Zoom:  No matter where in the world you live!  Limit fifty clients per enrollment period.  Details later on this page.

  • Weekly Safety Net Call with Glenn Livingston:  Continue contact with ME personally in a live, weekly Q&A group at NO additional charge. This way you'll never be more than one week away from getting help from me directly with ANY stumbling block you encounter until one full year from your date of purchase!  Because what's the point of losing weight if it's only temporary, right?  


  • Weekly Safety Net Call with Glenn Livingston:  The weekly contact with ME personally in the live Q&A group call continues until one full year after your purchase date

Got It?  So Let's Cage Your Pig and Make Sticking to Your Food Plan as Easy As Breathing... Even at Night, on Weekends, and When Your Emotions Are Out of Control!

GUARANTEE: If after the first month of training and two sessions of one-to-one help, you are not confident in your ability to manage your weight to exactly the level you've always dreamed of, or you don't feel your eating habits have changed dramatically, I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!  (Valid for 90 days from date of purchase.)

All Meetings Held via Zoom
and/or Telephone No Matter
Where in the World You Live.

Keep reading below for the full details please...including the 100% money back guarantee if you don't dramatically change your eating habits by the time we're done!

With this powerful combination of (1) a thirty day kick-start that includes the 30 day mastery challenge, individual email accountability and coaching, live group coaching 4x/week, and weekly presentations to solve common misconceptions and sticking points; (2) five full months of unlimited one-on-one coaching and follow up to personalize your eating solution; (3) a weekly safety net group-coaching call which begins one month into the program and extends all the way until one full year from your purchase date to help you maintain your progress...

...YOU can succeed regardless of how much social pressure and/or family conflict you experience...no matter how much you travel and/or eat out...and despite how little free time you may have available to prepare and/or plan your food! 

Consider the testimonials below obtained from people who went through the program even before all this support was added! 

"I have managed to lose 74 pounds and
have not binged one single time"

(Racquel Charrois - 7 months after taking program)

"My life has totally changed.  My weight dropped 17 pounds and it's very clear what my body needs and wants. As long as I stick with my plan I keep losing 3 or 4 pounds per month [...] Many of my doctor friends are in trouble with obesity [...] I think doctors need help and would be interested in Never Binge Again not only for themselves but their patients!"

(Dr. Margaret Fletcher, first female surgeon on faculty at Johns Hopkins)

DISCLOSURE: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same results as many of the clients on this page, who may be considered outliers, because of their unique situations, metabolisms, and backgrounds.  Then again, it can and does happen! And with the new pricing options, wouldn't you be risking more by not joining me?  Hear me out please before you make up your mind, because it could very literally change your life! 

(Full legal disclosure and typical results statement)

From: Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
RE: Personal coaching and consulting

If you've read "Never Binge Again," you know I went to great lengths to ensure it has everything you need to stop overeating.  But as good as it is, not everyone stops with the book alone.

A lot of people get stuck half way.  They get a tiny glimpse of the freedom Never Binge Again can provide, and they really believe it CAN work but they still can't quite commit or make it work for them.   This can be VERY frustrating.

Fortunately, a little outside expert perspective and personalized customization is often all it takes to finish the job!  See, everyone's Pig is unique, so I couldn't cover ALL the different sneaky ways every individual's Pig can Squeal its way out in the book...

But I've worked with hundreds of people and have found personal contact to be the virtually magic bullet which allows for fast, effective customization and implementation.  Plus, many people want to FEEL my confidence and experience my BELIEF first hand.   And they also benefit from connecting LIVE with others who can lend hope, enthusiasm, and excitement about their own results.  And...

  • I'm NOT one of those never-been-fat guys who'll just nod at you and suggest you just "eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full"...

  • I'm NOT someone who's going to tell you to write down your feelings and stop swallowing your emotions, or go call a friend and paint your nails for distraction when you feel like overeating...

  • And I'm NOT going to suggest you "hug your inner wounded child" while offering no practical wisdom to help you with your binge eating!

What I AM is a formerly obese psychologist who almost ate himself to death while trying all the psychological self-love approaches you can imagine...who (after suffering for decades) tripped over a not-so- glamorous tool which solved the problem...

So I can personally drive the Never Binge Again benefits home for you, and help you live the life you KNOW you're capable of inside.

LIVE perspective from someone like me is often the missing ingredient. It'd be a shame for you to give Never Binge Again "a quick try," only to slip back to your old ways because your Pig™ has convinced you it works for others, but it can't ever work for you.  Or because you're perpetually putting it off to start "someday."  We both know "Someday" is NOT a day that shows up on ANY calendar!

This would be a shame indeed because, as I'm sure you know, when you're in the throws of overeating beyond your own best judgment, the world is a truly overwhelming, awful place...worse than anyone besides a fellow binge eater could ever know.  You really CAN be fooled into thinking your Pig™ has all the power; that it's undefeatable...


Can It Be This Simple?
"What the Hades is this? It can't be this simple. But I'm closer to my
goal weight than I've  been in decades!" - Peter Borromeo

Puts You Fully In Charge of Your Eating in a Sustainable Way
"If you follow this simple program, you CAN see results without the 'normal'  struggle. No eating foods
you don't like. No fancy rules, schedules or psychotic workouts. It puts you fully in charge of your
eating...and it's sustainable."
- Keith Duncan CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

Powerful, Thought Provoking, and Definitely Un-Ladylike
"A powerful, thought provoking, and very un-ladylike approach to the problem of bingeing!"
 - Stephanie King

Brilliant Way to
Leverage Willpower

"A unique and brilliant way to leverage will power; passionate, convincing, defiant and inspiring - all at the same time" - Richard Guy

Squelch That Awful "I Can't" Voice in the Back of Your Mind!
"Never Binge Again squelched that awful voice in the back of my mind which says 'you'll backslide eventually, no matter what.' Thanks to this book failure is no longer an option!" - Warren Start

The Personal Contact You'll Get From Me in the LIVE Immersion Program Can Literally Change Your Life!

In my experience there's nothing quite like personal contact, connection with others who have similar struggles, and the ability to work LIVE in the real moment, to give you 100% confidence you CAN stop bingeing and overeating (and put the Pig in its place.) Plus, it's a LOT less complicated than most people have been led to believe. And if you'll give your attention for just one month of group sessions and five months of unlimited individual follow up coaching, you can quite literally get your life back. I know that's a BIG promise and I don't make it lightly.

So!   If you've been looking for a way to get affordable direct contact and guidance, please take a few moments to read through this page.   I racked my brain to come up with a way to provide coaching support to the maximum number of people while maintaining the level of individual attention required to be effective. 

As you can imagine, it's impossible for me to personally interact with thousands of readers, members, blog and newsletter subscribers, etc. There IS a way we can provide a personalized coaching program for a very small number of people at a VERY reasonable price:

  • KICK-START IN MONTH #1:  It All Starts with a 30 Day Mastery Challenge, 30 Days of  Accountability, Group Coaching You Can Attend Up to 4x Per Week, and Educational Presentations to Overcome Common Sticking Points.    Here is the rationale for each component of the first month's Kick Start phase:

    • 30 Day Mastery Challenge: Listen, we all know nothing will get better if you don't DO something.  That's why we've created specific challenges for you to implement, step by step.  Each one builds on the last and is designed to completely transform your relationship with food by the time you're done.  But don't worry, you won't be alone in your efforts because I'm also providing...

    • 30 Days of Accountability and Support:  There is NO additional charge for access to our extremely qualified head accountability coach (details in the team section), but you'll need to ASK for it proactively.  The reason for this is we find accountability doesn't work when it's forced.  So just ask and ye shall receive!  Every night, you'll fill out a simple email template to help create dramatic, daily improvements in your implementation of the NBA system, and your coach will typically email you back with personal feedback (typically within 24 hours).  One catch - accountability coaching is ONLY available for thirty days from the start of the first Kick-Start Presentation (see next paragraph) so you've got to make your request and get going as soon as you purchase.

    • Educational Kick-Start Presentations:  I've worked with a LOT of coaching clients since publishing the book.  Hundreds!  Early on I found most of the time spent in the first few sessions was to help them overcome a dozen or so very common stumbling blocks.  Initially I offered the individual coaching component right away but I found it was unnecessarily time consuming, and therefore too expensive for most to afford.   That's why I now require people to go through four weeks of educational presentations in a group to get up to speed first.  This makes shorter individual calls as needed much more tenable... and I find the program becomes not only more affordable, but more effective too!  (A much more detailed description of the educational presentations is provided further down this letter.  Please note these sessions ARE recorded so if you happen to miss one you can always watch the replay.)

    • Live Online Q&A/Group Coaching Four Times per Week: Finally, since the accountability support is via email and the educational presentations are largely informational in nature, I wanted you to have a vehicle to get live personal help with experts you could speak with directly during the Kick Start phase.  Therefore I've arranged for there to be FOUR group calls each week.  These are all held LIVE without any particular agenda.  Show up and talk about any difficulties you've had with your action challenges, difficult situations you've encountered, some of the crazy rationalizations for overeating your Inner Pig Squeals about... or just share your success.  I promise I'll always run at least two of these sessions personally, while the rest will be conducted by one of my Master Coaches (see the coaching team bios later in this letter) and/or my business partner (who has also lost close to 100 pounds using Never Binge Again!)

  • PERSONALIZE IN MONTHS #2 THRU #6:  After the month-long Kick Start phase of the program you'll get individual attention to help you further customize and personalize the system to your needs.  A lot of this attention is often focused on perfecting your Food Plan, but you can use it to talk about ANYTHING you like.  There are TWO components of the Personalization phase, which lasts from Month #2 through the end of Month #6, as measured from the date of the first educational presentation:

    • UNLIMITED, ONE-ON-ONE PHONE OR ZOOM COACHING for five months from a Never Binge Again Certified Master Coach to cement in everything you've done.  These sessions are made available on an unlimited basis as long as we all agree to the following:

      • At the end of each session you and your coach will agree on specific activities for you to follow before the next session.  You'll send an email summarizing the results achieved before scheduling again.   (You'll get a simple email template to fill in.)

      • Each session will be 15 minutes, although your FIRST session will be longer.

      • Allow at least six days between appointments so you'll have time to live with the changes. 

      • All scheduling to be done using the automated scheduling link, which provides a wide range of options to fit every time zone, work schedule, etc. 

      • Only one session at a time permitted to be scheduled. 

      • You agree to avoid "short notice changes" (cancellations and/or no-shows with less than 48 hours notice.)  We know life is unpredictable...so we allow for one short notice change per client at NO charge.   Thereafter, a non-refundable $35 fee applies to each incident.  There is NEVER a charge for sessions changed with 48+ hours notice.

      • One purchase per customer.  (No repeat purchasing.)

      • Please note that in order to maintain the ability to provide quality attention, we must limit this unlimited coaching offer to the first fifty people in each enrollment period.

      • The purpose of the UNLIMITED follow up coaching is to catch your Inner Pig's attempts to undo any of the work you've done during the Kick Start phase, answer your questions, help you customize your Food Plan, overcome any troubles you've encountered, and just generally cement in everything you've learned. It makes it possible for us to change this event from "just another program" to a truly life changing experience!  (And the structure above is what makes it realistic for us to deliver.)

    • WEEKLY SAFETY NET CALL: We've now also added access to ME personally in a live, weekly Q&A group at NO additional charge.  This way you can ask me questions directly as well as through your Master Coach.  This weekly Q&A group starts simultaneously with the one on one coaching above.   Similar to the Group Calls in the Kick Start phase of the program the Q&A session is entirely dedicated to my directly answering questions and coaching participants in a group format.  The difference is that the people attending the Safety Net Call are comprised entirely of people who have already accessed the Kick Start phase of the program, so the focus is much more on personalization and optimizing the Food Plan vs. educating newbies about common sticking points.  (The Kick Start groups are only for people during the first month of the program, the Weekly Safety Net call is available thereafter)

  • MAINTAIN IN MONTHS #7 THRU #12: In these final months the focus is much more on maintenance and identity change.  See, the goal of the Never Binge Methodology isn't just to get you to "white knuckle" your Food Rules and relentlessly follow them no matter how you feel (or what your Inner Pig says)... the higher purpose is to help you transform your relationship with food.  Ultimately if you can become a "different person" with regards to eating than you ever were before you're much more likely to succeed long term... and in a truly effortless way! 

    • SAFETY NET CALL CONTINUATION:  To put the icing on the "cake", we've made the Safety Net Group Coaching and Q&A Call (the one which began in the Personalization phase above) available for an entire year from the date of the first Educational Presentation.  This way for one full year you'll never be more than one week away from access to me personally to help you!

Why ONE Highly Focused, Short Session Can Help More Than Dozens of Full-Length Scattered Sessions!

The whole reason people pay for private coaching is to get well deserved, FOCUSED ATTENTION.  Through experimentation and study, I've found the best way to provide this is with a laser focused and thorough response to your personal questions, AFTER having immersed you in the basics and gotten YOU to focus your attention on homework related to a very specific problem.

Moreover, I find when people have a briefer opportunity (e.g. 15 minutes) to get the right feedback and direction, they very carefully think through their issues and priorities.  The process of putting this together before the session is, in and of itself, extremely beneficial.  Many people say they've arrived at life-changing insights before they've even gotten on the call! (Note: Calls are done via telephone and/or Zoom no matter where in the world you may live.)

The unlimited calls combine with the Action Challenge and focused assignments in between group sessions to help organize your thoughts, stop overeating, and reprogram yourself to think like a permanently thin person on the diet of your choice.  And the structured, shorter follow ups give you the support and help you need WITHOUT training you to become dependent on a coach forever!  

In the end, it's the most workable coaching model for implementing Never Binge Again.


This Really IS a Better Coaching Value
Than Anything Else in Today's Market

We both know that you're not going to get the cheapest price for personal access to me.  But at the risk of being immodest, access to me personally at these prices is the best VALUE you'll find.  Here's why:

  • You can have as many sessions as you can fit into the five months of follow ups to get the specific guidance and course correction you need.   Our offer attracts serious people  with serious healthy eating goals, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, and we can't help but respond with enthusiasm, so we tend to over-deliver...  

  • It would cost many times as much to book the same amount of time in one-off private telephone sessions... 

  • I'm not your run of the mill "diet guru."   I've got an extraordinarily well thought out SYSTEM for stopping overeating and binge eating in its tracks, and for restoring your sense of ownership, responsibility, and power over your own food.  I know a lot of people SAY they've got a system but my book has more than 1,200 Amazon reviews and has appeared in the top three for "Binge Eating" and "Overeating" for YEARS at a time for a reason: It works!

  • We've collectively seen hundreds of clients and really know how to recognize dozens of subtle Pig Squeals which we can put to rest quickly...

  • I can bridge the gap between psychology, research, statistics, and other mumbo-jumbo about Binge Eating from the perspective of a psychologist who's had the problem AND has worked for Big Food in the past.  This gives me a powerful perspective my competitors are extremely unlikely to ever match...

  • I'm honest.  As in, I'll tell you if I think you're barking up the wrong tree, even if it means losing you as a client. (As an aside, I unfortunately find telling people the truth often DOES mean losing them as a client.  There are a LOT of broken hearted people out there who chose to let their Pigs rule.  A lot of pain which could be prevented if people wouldn't waste so much of their life making easily corrected wrong turns with food.  I wish someone would've had the guts to point this out to ME before I almost killed myself with bagels, pizza, and chocolate!)

  • I've got a very full and balanced nutritional and health regimen which fits MY needs perfectly.  I'd like to help you achieve the same!  I'm not just talking about having a positive attitude and a sense of humor, which of course I DO have (despite what my Mom said,) but a forward moving, passionate zeal for life based on a REALISTIC ability to define and comply with my Food Plan.  My body is rarely at war with food, so I've got an incredible amount of energy to connect with others and achieve amazing things.  Not miraculous things—I claim no divine connections worth speaking of—but amazing things via the application of Never Binge Again skills with persistently focused attention.  (Note: I'm not a medical doctor, dietitian, and/or nutritionist - I don't want to mislead you.)

"Life is a Collection of Experiences" - Jim Rohn
(Since I conquered my Binge Eating, I've been able to add experiences
like climbing every 4,000+ footer in New Hampshire's White Mountains!)

  • Famous health and weight loss authorswho compete directly with Never Binge Again!endorse both the method AND Dr. Glenn Livingston himself as the their 'go to guy' when they have trouble with their own eating!

    Howie Jacobson, Ph.D.,  ("Whole" and "Proteinaholic") trusts Glenn's system, training, and coaching abilities
    implicitly...and turns to Never Binge Again for both help with his own eating AND for help with his clients

    Wendy Hendry, author of the Amazon best seller "W.A.I.T. Loss" says Glenn
    is her go to guy' for her own eating, and Never Binge Again is the method she trusts
    ...even though she is a direct competitor!!

  • Finally, there are SO many happy customers raving about the book and/or their Never Binge Again coaching experience!

    (DISCLOSURE: Never Binge Again is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, disorder, or condition.  These statements have not been evaluated  by the FDA or any other regulatory agency.  It would be unreasonable to assume just taking this program will result in any guaranteed level of weight loss, the improvement of any physical condition,  and/or the reduction in any mentally distressing thoughts, feelings, conditions, diseases, and/or disorders.  Many and/or all of these clients could be considered statistical outliers with unique physiology, emotional makeup, and other resources.  Then again, it can and does happen.  And given the affordable payment plans and multiple guarantees, might you not be risking more by NOT joining us?    Full Disclosure Statement)

    Sally - lost 18 pounds when she stopped
    binging on candy.  Says now that she knows
    the secret she can't ever slip back!

    Susan lost 28 pounds after
    Never Binge Again helped her
    stop yoyo dieting!

    Vanessa lost 17 pounds with simple Never
    Binge Again food rules and support

    And Susan is binge free after 10 months!

    Phyllis says the book alone wasn't enough - she
    needed COACHING (via webinars and her individual
    Never Binge Again coach) to really get started

    Jennie really needed a Never Binge
    Again coach to help customize and
    individualize the program for her!

    Linda feels her long term struggles with food
    have come to an end and she is finally free of the
    associated mental anguish! 

    And Never Binge Again showed Jennie how to
    forgive herself quickly for mistakes so they
    wouldn't escalate into full fledged binges!

    Liv says her relationships with her mother and
    children are much better because Never Binge
    Again helped her stop obsessing about food
    and to become more present
    with them! 

    Sally says Never Binge Again is the
    best thing that ever happened to her!


    Nancy didn't focus on losing weight immediately.
    Instead, she decided to use Never Binge Again to just stop GAINING weight, and stop eating at
    night. After a while, just because she didn't binge and was eating healthier, the weight started coming off.

    Nancy also says the program
    almost entirely!

    Medical Doctors, Psychologists,
    Therapists, and Neuroscientists Are
    Endorsing Never Binge Again

    "My life has totally changed.  I've lost about 17 pounds.  I don't have to carry on the food conversation in my head anymore.  It's very clear what my body needs and wants.  So as long as I stick with that my weight keeps on dropping three or four pounds per month.[...] I can tell you that many of my doctor friends are in trouble with obesity and overeating. 

    It's quite telling to go see another doctor myself as a patient myself and see them struggling with marked obesity problems.  I think that doctors need help and would be interested [in Never Binge Again] not only for themselves but for their patients!
    Margaret Fletcher, M.D. - The first female surgeon ever on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center

    "I would really encourage providers to expose their patients to this program because they may very well be surprised to find out that the mindset shift that Never Binge Again offers could be the ticket to really change this patient's life forever. And keep the change sustainable where they don't have to rely on a medicine or some kind of a fad-diet that's going to fail again."
    Carmine DiMartino M.D. - Broad Spectrum Family Medicine

    "The majority of my patients are obese or have some obesity complications, people do really want to hear what you have to say, they are devastated by this obesity epidemic [...] and I present Never Binge Again to my patients who really want to change [...] The difference between your program and all the other programs is that NBA really empowers people!"
    Susana Thomas M.D.
    Family Physician

    "Never Binge again is a very simple mind-hack [...] it is very clear and understandable  [...] there are clear action steps to take [...] there's no room for distraction and I really like the humor!"
    Dr. Krystyna Grabski
    Phd in Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology

    "So much more effective than [the other things I've used with clients]"
    Mary, New York State Licensed Social Worker


    Now that you know what you need to know about the program as a whole... let's talk about the content we'll cover in the Kick-Start Presentations and the 30 Day Mastery Challenge!

    Every Challenge and Every Presentation Builds on Previous Learning in a Logical, Structured, Systematic Way to Create Momentum and a Virtually Unshakable Foundation for Life!

    (Each Kick-Start Presentation is approximately 80% lecture material and 20% interactive coaching.  But remember, as soon as the Presentations start you'll get immediate access to 3 additional group sessions per week which are ALL designated for interactive coaching! Also, the agendas for the Kick-Start Presentations are always approximate since individual participant needs will always come first!  We will vary according to the group's specific composition and requests.  Although the sessions are officially 90 minutes we ask people to leave a little extra time in case we need to go over to answer questions and/or resolve someone's sticking points.  You can access each session with a telephone OR a computer and a headset)



    Bring Your Biggest Struggles with Food into the Light of
    Day, So You Can Begin Formulating Strategies to Eliminate Them!

    Meet Your Inner Pig™ - For Real)

    During the orientation, we'll get to know one another by discussing the biggest struggles we each face with our own Inner Pigs™ AND our greatest hopes for transformation.   Many people may find this initial go-around to be life changing in and of itself as they begin to recognize sneaky Pig Squeals™ in each other's Pigs™ that they couldn't hear in their own! (Please Note: Not everyone is comfortable with the term "Pig." Some people use alternate monikers. This is perfectly fine and we will provide you with options.  NO exercise in the entire workshop is required.  You may choose not to participate in anything which makes you uncomfortable.)

    • Discover why articulating your Pig's biggest Squeals can immediately render them harmless...

    • Meet like-minded people working the Never Binge Again philosophy.  Strengthen your ability to recognize your Pig's craziest arguments.  Get support.  Make potentially life-long friends who truly understand this way of life...

    • See how common your Pig's crazy arguments actually are!  (Many people believe their Pig is uniquely powerful, cunning, and baffling.  They therefore let it win.  Putting the Pig's cards squarely on the table can quickly put an end to that silly notion!)

    Two Words Which Can Give You All the Freedom
    AND Control You'll Ever Need with Food!

    (End Your Fear of "Never and Always"...Forever)

    If you're reading this, you probably already know Never Binge Again is a rules-based program. YOUR rules!  Hearing your Inner Pig Squealing (and then ignoring it) requires crystal clear lines which define what is vs. what is not on our food plans. Yet many people are terrified of these rules, particularly when they take the form of Never and/or Always. 

    In this critical section we'll eradicate the fear of Never and Always by reviewing the most common objections and quickly showing them to be nothing but more of the Pig's deceptive Squeals. Even if you're already relatively comfortable with the idea of Never and Always rules, this section will significantly strengthen your foundation and make it possible to more thoroughly nail your Pig's Cage shut.

    The "Stop the Boomerang" Session)
    Binge Recovery Tactics:  How to Easily Put the Pig Back in Its Cage (Even Smack Dab in the Middle of a Binge) So You Can Minimize the Damage and Get Back on Track Quickly

    Perhaps the most important distinction between people who succeed on Never Binge Again and those whose Pigs defeat them is the willingness and ability to get back up if you happen to fall.  Plus, winners do all they can to LEARN from the experience so they can "stop the boomerang" and truly Cage their Pigs!

    • How to stop the Pig in its tracks the MOMENT you realize what's happening so you can minimize the damage...

    • Specific instruction on how to reverse engineer what happened during the "Pig Attack(tm)" so you learn everything you can from it (and use it to nail the Pig's cage more tightly shut)

    • Prevent the Pig from demoralizing and weakening your confidence and resolve after a Binge so you can get back on track quickly...

    • See how to decide whether to resume on the same Food Plan you just broke vs. make modifications...

    • What to do when you've broken ONE rule and your Pig has you utterly convinced you MUST break the rest... 

    • An unusual way to remember all the rules of your Food Plan BEFORE you take that first forbidden bite...

    • Escape the most devastating Pig Squeal of all!  ("Screw It, I Already Blew It": It's extremely difficult for most people to stop in the middle of a binge, even when they're fully aware of what they're doing and are well beyond the pleasure of those first few bites)...

    • And how to get back on track after illness, injury, or ANY other interruption!


    How to Construct a Food Plan That Won't Drive You Over the Edge Like All Your Previous Diets, So You Can Achieve All Your Health Goals While Still Enjoying Food!

    In this module we'll review three critical variables which make for effective vs. ineffective Food Rules.  These are things I've previously only been able to illustrate in the context of live conversations and coaching sessions.  (Which is why this information is NOT in the book!)

    For example, you'll discover the important reason so many people have trouble complying with a well-intentioned "eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full" rule.  I'll show you how to fix the problem with an uncommon (but simple) shift of mind!   This information is NOT in the book.

    This is the section where you learn to create a Food Plan which won't drive you over the edge like all your previous diets.  We'll balance your health goals with personal freedom, avoid boxing you into a "food prison", and show you how to be sure your Food Rules don't cross the line into "Crazyville"

    You'll also learn how to keep it simpleAs long as your Food Plan is easy to remember, unambiguous, and nutritionally complete you CAN make it work. Evaluate your plan against these three key criteria for simplicity, then revise until it meets them 100%.   You'll see how to balance taste vs. enjoyment with ALL your health goals, and I'll show you how to decide which foods to regulate vs. eliminate.

    Find an Unlimited Source of Internal Strength and
    Motivation for Even Your Most Tempting Times!

    (Easily handle your Pig even when it's screaming the loudest)

    "A man can tolerate any WHAT if he has a big enough WHY" - Victor Frankl

    One of the BEST ways to become sick and tired of your Pig's Squeals and maintain more permanent motivation to ignore them is to write down, amplify, and enhance your "Big Why" statement.   Most people I've worked with can just barely articulate their motivation. In this module I'll help you thoroughly ground yourself in the REAL reasons you want to stop Bingeing. From then on, everything your Pig says will seem pathetic!

    • Paint a vivid picture of life without overeating...

    • Discover the FULL vision of everything you can have in your future if you could only get the Pig out of the way...

    • Visualize life without excess weight...

    • Imagine the additional energy you'll have...

    • Find freedom from constant food thoughts and mental obsession with overeating...

    • Consider how a life free of Pig Slop could improve your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues...

    • Be a better role model for your children...

    • Think about the clothing you could wear again! (For example, that little dress that's been just hanging in your closet for WAY too long now)

    • Improved social activities due to less fear of judgment...

    • Better finances due to substantially less money spent on binge food...

    • Career advancement due to more energy for work...

    • The ability to participate in more physical activities with children, friends, and family...

    • And much, much more!


    How to Cage Your Pig Regardless of How Much Social Pressure and/or Family Conflict You Experience... No Matter How Much You Travel and/or Eat Out... and Despite How Little Free Time You May Have Available to Prepare and Plan Your Food!
    Succeeding with Travel, Restaurants, Family, Holidays, Children, and Non-Cooperative Life Partners)

    Learn how to stay on track no matter what:

    1. Even if your entirely family has a break down over what you're eating...

    2. Even if you're on a 14 hour non-stop flight which gets stuck on the runway for an extra three hours...

    3. When you're utterly surrounded by your favorite Holiday treats and everyone else is not only enjoying them but pressuring you to join them...

    4. Even when your children refuse to eat anything but sweetened cardboard...

    5. Even when your Pig says "we will never have this particular food again - this is our last chance - and it's really really good!"...

    6. And even when the unexpected strikes!


    The End of Emotional Eating

    (How to Break the Emotional Response Cycle
    Which Seems to Lead You Into Binge Behavior

    • Understand real hunger vs. emotional hunger... and see how to STOP the Pig from using them both to undermine your eating. Learn to make more mindful food choices within the confines of your Food Plan! (It's like sitting alone in a dark room & having someone walk in & switch on the light)

    • What to do when the urge to Binge hits you like a ton of bricks, because you're feeling sad and lonely...

    • How to obliterate the Pig's attempts to make you feel sorry for yourself after an injury so you will Binge...

    • Escape the "Deprivation Trap":  Your Pig will inevitably suggest ANY food rule is too depriving to maintain.  But did you know there's more than one kind of deprivation?  Understanding BOTH is the only way to make an informed and healthy decision...

    • How to move beyond that lingering sense of doubt to confidently make your commitment...

    • What to do when you truly believe food is the ONLY way to get satisfaction...

    • Resist temptation around others eating your favorite treats (and how to gracefully decline their delicious offers)...

    • Make better food choices when you're idle or bored...

    • The strange reason bingeing does NOT really alleviate grief, loneliness, or loss...

    • How to stop eating sweets when you get off of work...

    • Which nutrient rich foods can kill your incessant physical cravings...

    • Three ways to intervene when every bone in your body says "it's time for a little comfort food"...

    • STOP using food as a reward!  (Even when you've done enough exercise)

    • Why overeating to numb, distract, soothe, or fill a void you haven't yet confronted is completely unnecessary (and a MUCH smaller part of the binge than most people realize!)...

    • The most common causes of "emotional eating"...

    • Fulfilling strategies to feed your hunger (and nurture your soul)...

    • Recognize and ignore the Pig's efforts to make you think you "deserve" the extra food...

    • Why there's really no such thing as "self-medicating" with food, and how you SHOULD think of overeating in order to take back your control!

    • PREVENT your Pig from winning the day after huge arguments with your boss, family, or friends...

    • Stop yo-yo dieting, and break the binge-eating cycle by addressing the root cause...

    • Develop confidence and free yourself from self-doubt around food!   (You'll also see how to free yourself from self-doubt in other areas of life!)...

    • What to do when "coping skills" just aren't enough...

    • Stop food thoughts from hijacking your brain. (Eliminate the constant, nagging debate about what to eat, when to eat, what you weigh, and how you look)...

    • WIN the battle between your ears!  (Stop arguing with yourself about food all day so you can get on with your life.  Eating doesn't have to consume all your time, thoughts, and energy.  It can just be something you confidently handle in the background)...

    • Overcome obstacles, and make better decisions to support your hopes and dreams...

    • Trust yourself more!  Have more physical and emotional intimacy...

    • What to do when "Aunt Flo" is right around the corner...

    • How to move beyond that lingering sense of doubt to confidently make your commitment...


    How to Completely Eliminate Those "Sneaky Little" Binges and "Health Food" Binges Your Pig Says Are "No Big Deal"

    • How to stop your Pig from convincing you "just a little" won't hurt...

    • Overcome the sneaky Squeal which says "You're really good at putting me back in my Cage now, so how much harm could I really do?"

    • Specific strategies to avoid giving into a "health food binge"...even when you're still hungry. (Some people can even binge on water - this is the module where we expose the difficult-to-hear "healthy" Squeals that others in our environment might think were "harmless.")

    • Why every Binge is a VERY big deal, even if it's only one micro-bite, taste, or swallow off your carefully constructed Food Plan...

    How to Stop Procrastinating About "The Decision" to
    Stop Overeating.  Lock Your Pig In Its Cage No Matter
    How Much It Squeals for You To Start "Tomorrow"


    WARNING: "I know the answer...I only need to put it into practice"
    is one of the biggest Pig Squeals you'll ever face. (Learn
    to overcome the "it's too soon for me" Squeal)

    • What to do when your weight has reached a new high, and you REALLY know it's time to Cage the Pig!

    • How to tell if you're ready for the "hard line" approach in the book (and if ANYTHING else will ever work for you)...

    • Getting started even if you have an anxiety disorder, depression, or other difficult feelings to contend with...

    • Why it's important to STOP over-planning, bite the bullet, and get your Pig under control...

    • One weird trick to get started when you can't quite bring yourself to do so...

    • What if every time you fail you find it harder to re-start?  Is that a good reason to put this off until you've got the PERFECT plan?

    • Find out how to shut your Pig up, so you can finally really read and absorb the entire book!...


    Adjusting Your Food Plan So You Can Lose All the Weight You Want and/or Need

    Here's something which might come as a surprise to many of you - it's entirely possible to Cage Your Pig indefinitely without losing weight. Yes, you'll gain immense benefits - freedom from the obsession, a healthier body, mind, and soul. But when it comes right down to it, many (if not most) of us want to take off somewhere between a mountain and a mole-hill of extra pounds we packed on during our years of overeating!

    • Why most people don't lose weight at first...

    • Simple adjustments you can make to start melting away the pounds...

    • How to master the simple bathroom scale so it doesn't become the bane of your existence.  (HINT: Most advice you'll read on the internet about how and whether to use the scale is wrong!)

    • The "airplane" method for measuring progress...

    • What cleaning up after yourself has to do with losing weight...

    • How to choose a weigh-in frequency - if you should choose one at all!

    • Six crazy things your Pig will say about the scale to support Binge behavior (and how to ignore them!)...

    • The "Livingston Method" to stop yelling at yourself about your weight!  (Note: It's almost impossible to keep Bingeing if you refuse to yell at yourself)...

    • Stop yo-yo dieting, and break the binge-eating cycle by addressing the root cause...

    How to Use Never Binge Again to Eradicate Negative Thoughts, Achieve Your Goals, Maintain a Positive Attitude...and Thoroughly Enjoy Your Life!

    See how successfully applying Never Binge Again to your Food Plan can be expanded to include virtually anything else you'd like to improve in your life, and why you won't be able to stop yourself from doing so!   See how to instantly stop the negative thoughts, and thoroughly open your mind to a new way of thinking.  WIN the battle between your ears!  (Stop arguing with yourself all day and just get on with your life.  Negative thinking doesn't have to consume your time, thoughts, and energy.  It can just be something you confidently handle in the background)



    Everyone at the workshop will have the opportunity to discuss any remaining objections, concerns, or Pig Squeals they are still having trouble ignoring while I work intensively to help them overcome it. Slam the door shut and keep it that way. (It's actually a little bit like having a new super power - the ability to look at bad food and stay away!)

    FREE BONUSES: Available nowhere else, these important trainings are immediately downloadable after you order the full program, and you may keep them even if you decide to ask for a refund.  That's just my way of saying "Thanks for giving it a try!"

    FREE BONUS #1: How
    to End Night Time Eating

    Approximately one year after the book was published, I started to notice a pattern with my personal coaching clients.  There was ONE Pig Squeal which didn't seem to yield to the Never Binge Again methodology for a significant number of people, with seemingly NO rhyme or reason.  They'd apply the standard Never Binge Again approach, but when night time came, all bets were off.  Their Pigs were like vampires, only coming out at night to feed!  For months I just couldn't figure it out because I'd personally solved the "Pig Vampire" problem along with all my other overeating problems in the exact same way.

    Yet there it was, over and over and over again.  "Never Binge Again has tremendously improved everything about my eating EXCEPT at night" they would say, and I just couldn't have that!  So I zeroed in on the night time eaters in my practice.  I carefully examined their patterns, the particular Pig Squeals that seemed to derail them at night, and any inklings of a solution they seemed to be approaching...

    I WAS SHOCKED TO DISCOVER ONE OVERWHELMING SECRET WHICH ALL MY NIGHT TIME EATERS HAD IN COMMON, particularly since they all vehemently denied it until I pointed it out repeatedly.  In this FREE bonus you will discover: 

    • The VERY strange thing virtually ALL night time binge eaters have in common... and how knowing it can have a dramatic effect on your night time control!  (WARNING: Most people vehemently deny this the first time I present it to them, but when I can get them to accept it, it almost always has a tremendous impact)...

    • What to do at 10:30 PM when your Pig is telling you the pie and leftovers look mightily delicious...

    • How to recover from a binge after midnight which lasts until the wee hours of the morning...

    • Why you may be waking up in the middle of the night to shove something quickly into your mouth (with the idea that you need it to "get back to sleep")...

    • Putting "Pigula" back in its coffin when it tries to sneak out at night and feed, feed, feed!...

    • One weird trick to find your willpower at night, even if you're putting in 12 hour stints at work or school, and no matter how many times you've broken your best laid plans in the past...

    • What if you just "freak out and can't deal!?"

    • The unusual way to combat the "you can't throw THAT away" Squeal!  (You know the one, where your Pig thinks your body is a garbage can designed solely for Slop and destined to be filled to the rim every time you make enough room)...

    • Stop derailing from your best laid plans in the evening...

    • Dozens of things you can do during the DAYTIME to help prevent the nighttime eating urge...

    • And much, much more!

    This was a truly a piercing insight which made a dramatic difference for not only these clients, but the people who viewed the 45 minute recording I created based upon it.  And this is the ONLY place you can get it!

    FREE BONUS #2: What to Do When You're Too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired (And It's NOT What You Think!)

    A very common theme in 12 step programs is the notion becoming too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired is a major contributor to addictive behavior.   But you'll be surprised to discover:

    • The very unusual way to overcome the "just this once until whatever you're going through is over" Squeal...

    • Why meditation, exercise, walks in nature, and massage are helpful but NOT necessary to keep your Pig caged when you're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired...

    • The impact of being bored, stressed, and/or very upset...

    • 11 ways your Pig can turn you into a "junk food vegan" when you're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired  (Why simply avoiding animal foods may not be sufficient at these times)...

    • How even Never Binge Again beginners can stop stuffing food in without really enjoying it during stressful times...

    • Putting the Pig back in its cage during HALT "emergencies"...

    • 5 ways to manage loneliness without a massive Binge...

    • What to do if you're an "anxiety eater"...

    • How to stop "eating at" people when you're angry...

    • The "Anti-Pig-Slop" solution for overwhelm and fatigue...

    • Why "eat some Slop so you'll have more energy to get through your day" is almost always a big hairy lie...

    • Stupid things your friends, family, and colleagues will say to seduce you into overeating when you are HALT...

    • The insidious relationship between anxiety, depression, and Pig Slop...

    • Find out what to do when you're lacking direction and feel like an aimless wanderer...

    • How to get up if you DO fall down when you're too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired...

    • Stop the Pig from rendering you "unconscious", "numbing you out", and taking over your actions...

    • What if you're just too hungry to "eat all that salad and rabbit food"...

    • The horrific problem with the "I deserve it" Squeal... and how to stop it in its tracks!

    • Why "sleep feeding" is almost always a lie...

    • 3 ways to stop compulsively going to your refrigerator...

    • How to stop swallowing all your feelings...

    • WARNING: Your Pig's demands for comfort during difficult times will NOT comfort YOU!  Discover 2 unusual ways to ignore these pleas...

    • Managing your Fear of Failure (and Fear of Success!)

    • Why the solution for night time eating can work for WEEKEND eating too!

    • And much more!

    Just like with the night time eating webinar, this is the ONLY place you can watch this important training. 

    FREE BONUS #3: Mindfulness and Mindful Eating Training

    (Note: Subject to removal at any time.  If you are reading this text it IS available and will be delivered with your program - but please understand if you come back tomorrow and this text is gone, we will no longer be able to provide this bonus)

    One of the most powerful arguments the Pig uses to prevent people from adopting a healthy food plan is the "But We Love Food WAY Too Much!" Squeal...

    "We really love to eat" it says...

    "It's SUCH an important part of our lives. You just can't take away the one thing you enjoy the most... you'd only create a boring, sad, SAD life for us both. Now let's just stop this healthy eating nonsense and go get us some yummy Pig-Slop. Can we?  Can we?  Huh?  PLEAZ???  Whoooopeee!!!" - Your Inner Pig(tm)

    But what if there was a way you could enjoy eating healthy food MORE than your Pig's favorite Slop...

    More than Chocolate...

    More than (gasp) Pizza...

    (Which is not to say Chocolate and Pizza can't be healthy for some people)...

    Well there IS such a way...

    It's called Mindful Eating...

    It takes a bit of practice, but once you employ it, eating a simple apple becomes a gastronomic experience like no other.

    You’ll experience a symphony of tastes, textures and sensation, no type of junk food can match...

    In fact, you'll enjoy eating fruit and vegetables so much, you might actually wind up feeling guilty for it! 

    And...meals you eat mindfully not only taste ten times better, they can also calm your mind and dispel your anxiety...

    But Mindfulness does a lot more than just make healthy food taste great...

    It can work as an antidote for negative feeling and emotions too.

    By practicing a very specific form of meditation called "mindfulness meditation" just a few minutes each day... you can make yourself dramatically more aware of just how silly your negative thoughts are...

    Plus, the act of meditation allows your mind to rest and enjoy worry and stress free moments...

    As those negative thoughts disappear…

    While at the same time inoculating yourself against those negative thoughts and emotional patterns throughout the day.

    That’s why we’re adding FOUR bonus recordings on Mindfulness and Mindful Eating to the program.  This is over and above the four Never Binge Again Online Intensive sessions.  The mindful eating bonus recordings will be delivered week by week concurrent with the online intensive sessions.


    We are seriously considering separating these recordings out into a paid-for-separately product of its own.  If you are reading this text then it IS available today and WILL be delivered along with your training if you purchase TODAY... but if you come back tomorrow and this text has disappeared, please understand we will no longer be able to offer it. 


    • WHERE:  The Four Online Educational Kick-Start Presentations are Held LIVE Online.   Access the calls via your computer and a headset OR a simple telephone.  Or download the recorded sessions within 48 hours and watch at your convenience if you need to miss a session

      The Unlimited Coaching Sessions begin AFTER the Kick-Start Presentations end! (Details will be provided at that time)

    • WHEN:  The next Educational Kick-Start Sessions will be held on four consecutive Mondays beginning March 16th, 2020 on the following dates:

      • SESSION #1: Monday, March 16th, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

      • SESSION #2: Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

      • SESSION #3: Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

      • SESSION #4: Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    • CAN'T ATTEND LIVE?  EVERY SESSION IS RECORDED AND MADE AVAILABLE FOR REPLAY WITHIN 24 HOURS!  (You can send in questions in advance if you won't be able to make it live.)

    • The Unlimited Coaching Sessions (Gold Level) will take place from April 7th, 2020 through September 6th, 2020.  You can access these sessions via your computer using Zoom, or via a local telephone number local in your country.

      Your Full Year Safety Net (Group Q&A Calls with Dr. Glenn Livingston) will also begin on April 7th, 2020 but will continue through April 6th, 2021

      Check your email immediately after booking for further details and logistics.


Immersing yourself with me and a group of fellow Never Binge Again enthusiasts LIVE for a full year, including a 30 Day Mastery Challenge & full accountability to keep you focused, educational presentations, five months of UNLIMITED INDIVIDUAL COACHING, and a full year of group coaching is one of the best ways I can think of to help you come to terms with the problem and face it square on...in a safe environment with my help and the comfort of others facing the same issues.  We'll help you deal with outside challenges, get focused, stay focused, and learn to REALLY use that one "weird trick of mind" which has the potential to save your life.

So let me ask you a question...

How Much Would It Be Worth to Know for SURE You Had a Nutritious and Delicious Food Plan Perfect for Your Personal Needs, Dietary Beliefs, and Personal Lifestyle...

PLUS a Virtually Fail-Proof System to Help You Overcome Cravings, Lose All the Weight You Wanted, and Keep It Off WITHOUT Driving Yourself Crazy?

At this point you must be wondering what you'll need to invest to achieve all this. Well, if you seriously struggle with overeating, the amount you can save on food alone by getting the problem under control for even just a few months should exceed any reasonable price I could possibly charge. When I personally think about how much I've spent over the years on binge food I just want to cry!

Then there's...

  • The $25,000+ some people spend on eating disorder treatment programs...
  • Tens of thousands of dollars others spend on long term therapy or counseling...
  • What you can save on medical bills by potentially preventing illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes...

Not to mention the discomfort, fatigue, and lost productivity people go through after each overeating episode...

And the physical pain and personal tragedies you can avoid by eating healthier. Can you even put a price on that?

But because I want to help as many people as possible your investment will be...

As Low As Six Easy
Installments of $99.95
(Or save one payment by paying in full up front!)

ALSO NOTE: We reserve the right to raise the price without notice at any time.  To maintain our ability to provide quality coaching, attendance is strictly limited to 50 people per level - see below for specifics.

From the bottom of my heart to the bottom of yours... I know you CAN do this!  Won't you let me help you?

Get the Accountability, Support, and Information You Need to Make Never Binge Again Into More Than Just An "Aha Moment... Make It Time To Make It Your Default Way Of Thinking!



  • 30 Day Mastery Challenge: Specific tasks designed to take you through implementing the entire Never Binge Again system, step by step in just thirty days!

  • Daily Accountability Coaching: Get customized, daily email coaching to keep you accountable to the action challenge (and more!)

  • Live Online Group Coaching Four Times per Week: Encountered a difficult situation?  Made a mistake with your food?  No problem!  Live sessions are held 4x week - twice with Glenn Livingston personally and twice with one of his Master Coaches!

  • Live Online Educational Presentations: Four group presentations with Glenn Livingston to review and overcome the sticking points many people experience when implementing the book.


  • Unlimited One on One Follow Up Coaching with a Never Binge Again Master Coach:  Conducted via telephone and/or Zoom no matter where in the world you may live! 

  • Weekly Safety Net Call with Glenn Livingston:  Continue contact with ME personally in a live, weekly Q&A group at NO additional charge. This way you'll never be more than one week away from getting help from me directly with ANY stumbling block you encounter until one full year from your date of purchase!  Because what's the point of losing weight if it's only temporary, right?  


  • Weekly Safety Net Call with Glenn Livingston:  The weekly contact with ME personally in the live Q&A group call continues until one full year after your purchase date. 


Pay in Full for $499.75
$99.95 x Six Easy
Monthly Installments

(NOTE: It's likely we'll need to raise the price to as much as double on the next round to continue providing this NEW level of support, but you can lock in the rates above today)

I've read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Disclosure Statement, and I agree all products and services I may purchase from this website are for education only, and specifically do not constitute psychological, nutritional, medical, and/or counseling services.  I will consult a licensed physician before making any changes to my diet and/or exercise routine, and will consult a licensed psychologist other than Dr. Glenn Livingston should I require psychological services.   I further understand this program is limited to one purchase per customer, and that no repurchasing will be permitted in any circumstance.  I have read this page in full and understand the terms and conditions associated with the unlimited follow up coaching. I also understand the quota is achieved by allowing for a historically and statistically accurate overage to cover cancellations, and there is therefore a small possibility the program may be oversold after I purchase, and that although every effort will be made to accommodate me if possible, I accept that a full and complete refund is my only remedy. 

The Story of The Master Coaching Team

  • All Master Coaches Have Used the Never Binge Again Method to Help Them Recover from Their Own Serious Eating Struggles!  I've found the best coaches are those who feel Never Binge Again have saved their own lives.  It's only through having used the method to recover from their own serious eating struggles that people seem to develop the empathy and understanding required to help others implement it successfully.  So I recruit all my Master Coaches from within.

  • We Meet Regularly to Solve Problems and Share Insights: We hold regular meetings to report on what's happening, share insights and observations, and overcome sticking points.  Plus, all Master Coaches are encouraged contact me and/or each other in the event they need help between sessions.  I find these very special people are often teaching ME things I wouldn't have discovered on my own!

  • All Master Coaches on the Team Go Through a Rigorous Training Program:  At this juncture I require all coaches on the team to have trained with me for one full year before I allow them to work with our clients.

  • We Favor Those with Previous Human Service Experience: Finally, I've found people who've had previous experience in either coaching, teaching, or some type of professional practice are the ones who can create the real magic

Who's Currently on the Master Coaching Team?
(The following list is current as of the date of publication)

(DISCLOSURE: Never Binge Again is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, disorder, or condition.  These statements have not been evaluated  by the FDA or any other regulatory agency.  It would be unreasonable to assume just taking this program will result in any guaranteed level of weight loss, the improvement of any physical condition,  and/or the reduction in any mentally distressing thoughts, feelings, conditions, diseases, and/or disorders.  Many and/or all of the Master Coaches could be considered statistical outliers with unique physiology, emotional makeup, and other resources.  Then again, it can and does happen.  And given the affordable payment plans and multiple guarantees, might you not be risking more by NOT joining us?    Full Disclosure Statement)

  • Fiona Pediani:  A former coach for 7 years with a major weight watching organization, Fiona's personal journey with the NBA philosophy started at the end of 2016 when she Googled “binge eating” and came across Glenn's free book. She became intrigued with the whole concept of The Inner Pig. At the time Fiona thought that after a lifetime of having problems with food that she was "sorted" because she was nearly a year into a 14 month sugar free period.  At the end of that period she "tested" herself with sugar and all of a sudden she was back in full binge mode. She went back to the book, re-read it and it all started to make sense to her.  Fiona started following the plan in the book and joined the NBA Facebook forum.   She is now happily Pig free and loving it! Fiona has a background in both Life Coaching and NLP therapy.  During her 7 years stint as a weight loss coach she'd often come across people who had problems with bingeing. Fiona felt frustrated that she wasn’t equipped to help them within her role at that time.  NBA has now given her the tools to be able to help. She loves working for Glenn and now uses her coaching skills and weight loss experience to help clients free themselves from the bingeing cycle that she understands so well.

  • Kay Collins:  Kay is a Level 4 Personal Trainer with a specialty in Diabetes and Obesity Management. She has over 20 years experience of coaching and teaching both adults and children to achieve their goals.  Her personal journey with Never Binge Again started three and a half years ago, when she read the book, joined the NBA forum and it has totally changed her life.  Having given herself 3 main never rules and building on them ever since, she now has control over food.  Kay can now easily pass by a piece of cake (or anything else actually) without an issue.  She has freedom with food and as your coach, she hopes to help you to achieve this too!

  • Alan Steiner:  Alan has lost over 99 pounds.  He is a very compassionate professional with over 50 years experience in his holistic dental health practice, and a long history of success helping others.  After struggling with his own relationship with food for more than half a century, Alan found and embraced the Never Binge Again System.  He took the training and became a coach of the system mainly so he could embed himself more deeply into the philosophy which, for the first time after decades of struggling with weight and health issues related to food, gave him ongoing, continued success with food.  Alan has observed that as he sticks to the program and time passes, his entire thinking system about food is being re-written.  He no longer struggles with eating properly and/or out of control binges.  He can eat and enjoy food as he has not for decades.  (Please note that Alan very much looks forward to helping his Never Binge Again clients via this coaching arrangement, but NO doctor-patient relationship is formed even though he is a medical professional (dentist.))

  • Konstantinos Kotsonis: A professional chef since 2007, Konstantinos is particularly good at helping clients create healthy substitute recipes for their Pig's favorite treats.  Konstantinos began focusing on nutrition and healthy living in 2012 when he transformed his diet and relationship with food completely! This included a 70+ pound weight loss AND a complete mindset shift. Since then he's traveled the world to participate in (and teach) health oriented events and festivals, and interview inspiring individuals for his YouTube project "Higher Self Manifesto.".  I personally met Konstantinos when he asked to interview me for this project in 2017.  He eventually trained with me to become a Certified Professional Never Binge Again Coach, after which and I tagged him to work with MY clients because of his unique abilities, and his abundance of compassion.  Finally, Konstantinos is the sole person responsible for translating Never Binge Again to the Greek language. 

  • Yoav Ezer:  Yoav Ezer is my equal partner in Never Ever Again, Inc. and the CEO of the entire company.  He's lost almost 100 pounds using Never Binge Again himself!  If it weren't for Yoav the book would never have been public, nor nearly as popular as it has become.  Moreover, Yoav is constantly tweaking the Never Binge Again techniques and recently has made a tremendous breakthrough I'll share with you in the very first Kick Start group!  Yoav's previous background is in the educational department of the Israeli Defense Forces - he was the #2 guy in charge of software education, which makes him the most natural choice to head up the the Never Binge Again smartphone app (already under development).  I've personally trained and supervised Yoav to become a Never Binge Again Master Coach himself... and more importantly, I myself now turn to Yoav if I have any food struggles in my own life.

Plus, Because I Want You to Feel 100% Confident in Your Ability to Stop Overeating This Program Comes with Not One, But TWO Full Money Back Guarantees!


First, if you're not 100% convinced this online workshop will radically transform your relationship with food AND give you the confidence you came for by the end of the first Kick-Start Presentation, just email and/or call my support team (or open a ticket) and let us know it's not for you. We'll promptly and cheerfully refund every penny you paid, no questions asked! 

But out of respect to all participants AFTER the date of the first online group session, guarantee number one will expire.  (It's unfair to others in the group when members aren't fully committed to both their own and each other's success.)  But even after the first online group session there's STILL a way for you to get 100% of your money back with guarantee number two (below)...

(Applies to Gold Package Only)

Guarantee number two is designed to prevent your Inner Pig from weaseling out of things once you know this is for you.  Here's how it works:  Schedule and participate in at least two of the one-on-one coaching sessions during the Personalization phase of the program.  If you don't feel your eating has improved dramatically we will STILL refund your money anytime within 90 days of purchase.  I can't be any fairer than that!

Please note all refunds are final.  (No repurchasing is permitted after a refund is issued.)

Isn't It Time You Got Control
Over This Eating Thing for Good?

(After all... what if I'm right?)

Warmest Regards,


Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

This coaching program is perfect for YOU if the book alone hasn't been enough to overcome your overeating, or if you're doing rather well with Never Binge Again and want help cementing your progress. You'll get a candid, blunt, and honest approach to losing weight and freeing yourself from the obsession with food for life. And remember: The first fifty people to order each package can get UNLIMITED INDIVIDUAL COACHING for five months following the Kick Start and 30 Day Mastery Challenge phone.  You ALSO get one year of group coaching!  It's like flicking a switch in your brain and eliminating all the angst around dieting.

Stop hating yourself, condemning yourself, and treating yourself with anger and viciousness. I'll show you how to talk to yourself in a gentle, non-judgmental way, and to make more mindful choices about food despite what outsiders SAY about my method!  You'll also hear example after example of food rules that work. And I'll show you what to do if your Pig keeps "making you forget" your commitment because you're too busy.

Reclaim the self you remember - the one that used to be filled with confidence and strength!  Don't leave yourself at the mercy of food, or let yourself slip farther into the food addiction hole. Overcome feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.  Let's get this food thing fixed!

It's not at all uncommon for people to say hearing JUST ONE THING from myself and/or a fellow Never Binge Again enthusiast was all it took to nail their Pig's cage shut.  That one thing is different for everyone, and you're much more likely to hear it during a weekend immersion than anywhere else!

Even if you've decided NOT to join me for this very special online month-long workshop (and UNLIMITED follow up coaching for five months with a Never Binge Again Master Coach) I hope you will do me the honor of giving yourself a peaceful rest of your day with food. It would mean the world to me.  Really.

If you've read the book and you know it can work for you, but you haven't fully implemented (or made the decision to do so) then this is for you.  Getting INTO this program is the big decision you need to make, and you'll have the follow up individual coaching sessions to see it through!!!  You should also feel SO much better in just 30 days because the program is designed with an aggressive accountability and kick start in the 30 Day Mastery Challenge up front!

This is not just about weight loss.  Many people report skin improvements, energy level changes, better relationships due to increased presence and less obsession with food, along with more mindfulness and enjoyment of life! It's also about getting more in tune with your hunger and satiety signals, lowering your grocery bills, etc.  And about learning how to stop listening to the lie inside your head which says "I can't" or "I'm not ready" or "maybe this works for some people but not for me!"

And with payment options as low as $99.95 per month and TWO full money back guarantees, it's really hard for your Pig to make the argument you can't afford this.  In fact, aren't the odds pretty good that if you stopped binge eating and overeating you'd make back MORE than $99.95 per month in food costs alone.  (When I think about how much money I've spent on unnecessary binge-food over the years I just want to cry!)

"Refreshingly unlike any other nutrition/healthy-eating/wellbeing title I've ever read...and I've read quite a few! The total absence of charts, food diaries, calorie counters and so on is fabulous." - Celia Almeida

"Just because something is simple and profound, does not mean it is obvious or easy. Glenn provides a powerful way to overcome the counter-productive thoughts and feelings associated with bingeing and overeating. He shows why debating the 'food monster' inside you is, at the very least, absurd, foolish, and a waste of valuable time and energy...when you can so easily stop the problem behavior with this simple approach." - Deborah Cunningham

"I'm still reeling with the revelation I have the ability to Never Binge Again, just like my ability to never rob a bank, never push and old lady into traffic, or never jump off of a perfectly good cliff! [...] This book is THE TOOL I need to conquer ever attempting to satisfy emotional feelings with carbo-laden calories again!" - Traci Rickards

"[...] Three other women in this binge eating industry charge [more than twice the price] for what Glenn did for us at [this price] but we get the year long safety net with Glenn. I just wanted to say the [price] is worth every penny and I know what he's done for me is undervalued. Just wanted to let him know how grateful I am for this opportunity and don’t take it lightly. I'm not going to criticize the others who do what he does but he brings many elements to recovery that I haven’t see anyone else offering." - Shelley Collins

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1) Some testimonials are from those who've read the free book and/or received coaching in exchange for their willingness to share recorded sessions.  Others are from people who've paid for and taken the program