INTERVIEW: One Weird Thinking Shift

This is a follow up to a previous post about one weird shift in thinking which can make all the difference in getting you to implement healthy routines despite your Inner Pig’s best efforts to sabotage them.  Listen to this intriguing discussion between Howie Jacobson, Ph.D. and myself please! Scroll down to listen to the interview […]

The Big Why Technique for Healthy Eating Motivation

Instead of hanging around waiting for your Inner Pig(tm) to let you get motivated, have a listen to this full length interview where Howie and I talk about the “Big Why” technique to find and enhance YOUR motivation now! Scroll down to listen to the interview online, download the MP3, and/or grab the transcript now […]

Taming The Refined Carb Monster

Do refined carbohydrates constantly call to you? Listen to this interview and see if you can’t put the Refined Carb Monster (you know what creature that REALLY is) back in its cage 🙂 Grab the transcript here, listen online, or download the MP3 below! Fix Your Food Problem Free Book Reader Bonuses   Facebook Comments

Portion Control Part Two – How to Stop Going Back for Second Helpings

Ed is a cook.  An Italian Cook.  A phenomenal Italian Cook with an “Italian Pig.” Ed’s Inner Pig says he always has to take seconds… And sometimes thirds or fourths. Ed’s Pig has had its way with Ed… Until now!  Have a listen and see what you think! (You can also download the transcript here) Fix Your […]

Giving Up Gluten

Ever thought about giving up gluten… or anything else for that matter? This is the interview for you 🙂 Download the Transcript, Mp3, or use the online player to listen below now please 🙂 Fix Your Food Problem Free Book Reader Bonuses Facebook Comments

Finding the Motivation to Exercise and Eat Well

What if I told you there was an exceptionally simple way to stop your Inner Pig(tm) in its tracks when it refused to let you add healthy behaviors to your daily routine? A stupid-easy way to change your life forever with less than 10 seconds of effort… Imagine a world where a quick change suddenly provided enough motivation to exercise […]

Food, Life, and Distraction

Does your Inner Pig have you convinced you’re using food as a distraction from life… And that you need to keep right on Bingeing until you can figure out why? Or is your Pig insisting you leave “just a little” ambiguity in your rules so it can blast a hole right through them? Let’s put […]

All About Portion Control

Does your Inner Pig(tm) frequently talk you into eating more than you planned?  Time to talk Portion Control, Never Binge Again style!  Listen to this intriguing interview where Howie Jacobson, Ph.D. and myself discuss everything we’ve learned about putting the Pig back in its cage before it gets you to dislodge your jaw and empty the delicatessen into […]

The Protection Clause for Your Food Plan

The whole idea of Never Binge Again is to, like, Never Binge Again… But what if you DO binge?  Is it a good idea to have a plan in place to help minimize the damage and recover quickly? Listen to this intriguing audio please to find out!  (Oh, and before you do, I just wanted […]

Examples of “Always” rules that work…

The types of food plan rules you choose to implement are only limited by your imagination.  There isn’t any “right” way to do it, other than to ensure it’s specific enough that 10 neutral observers who followed you around for a month could agree whether you followed vs. broke the rule.  There’s nothing that says […]